May 31, 2010

Wonderland quilt finished and a little gift

The Wonderland quilt I started a while back is now finished and being fully utilised in my lounge room.

I chose Kona Cotton in "Delft" for the binding and backing.  The binding against the brightness of the Wonderland fabric gives it a lovely muted look, picking up on the little bits of blue throughout the quilt.  I didn't do a lot of quilting on it but I thoroughly enjoyed making the binding this time and I think my corners are vastly improved.  I used 10cm wide fabric to make the binding this time and am much more pleased with the plush look the wider binding gives.

Overall it was a much more pleasant experience than the first attempt I had at quilting and binding and I can definately see that my skills have improved.

I also made this cute fabric into a little girl's tablecloth and 4 napkins.  Miss Ellie's 5th birthday is tomorrow and she loves to bake in her little kitchen as well as in Mummy's big one.


The Nappy Spot said...

Love your Wonderland quilt! The blue binding just brings it to life!

Jennifer S. said...

Lucky girl!

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