Feb 2, 2014

on creativity

This first month of 2014 has found me creating with a new found gusto.   I've been spending a little time each day sewing or crocheting or just generally creating something.   This creative energy has rubbed off into other areas of my life too.  I've been baking and making yummy food for dinners and afternoon teas.

Last week I happened upon this article about Jerry Seinfeld.  The article resonated with me, not for the sticker chart concept,  but for the idea that if you do something creative every day then over time it will become habit and become easier. If you want to be a better comedian then spend some time each day writing material.

A day or so later I heard an interview with Neil Finn on a local radio station saying that he 'makes' some kind of music every day. Whether he's writing lyrics or composing music or just playing around on his instruments.   He makes music every day to keep his creative juices flowing.

I love the fact that I heard the same message from two different types of creatives.   If you want to be creative then be creative.   Spend some time each day doing something in your creative field and eventually this will become habit and the creativity will flow.

Heard any great advice lately? Got any creative inspiration to share?


Christina Lowry said...

Yes! It's the same with writing. If you want to be a better writer the only way to do that is to write each day. It doesn't matter what you write, but that you trust the practice and write each day without an expected outcome and you will very likely surprise yourself. I also have to remind myself that what you do everyday is more important than what you do once in awhile, and doing something even only a small amount each day will add up. xx

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Not just for creative stuff but for anything. The problem comes when there are too many things you want to try and do daily!

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