Feb 13, 2014

my blue and grey crochet ripple

When we were in the USA I bought supplies for 3 specific projects.  First project is a crochet ripple blanket for our couch.  We have a couple of quilts I made which we use relentlessly in winter and I've been wanting to add to that with a crochet blanket.

I bought Cascade 220 yarn as it is made in Washington and I know it's available here as well.  I purchased several shades of blue and grey with some red for flair at both So Much Yarn in Seattle and Churchmouse Yarn and Tea on Bainbridge Island.

I'm using the Attic 24 Ripple pattern which I've had success with in the past.  Since returning home I've purchased some more Cascade 220 from Purlwise.

I'm loving the way this is coming together,  I reckon I'm about half way along.  I want it to be a good size and based on the width it should be.  This yarn is nice and soft and comes in a awesome range of colours.  

1 comment:

Wendy said...

so very pretty...I have not used that brand of yarn, but may have to try it now after reading this post about it...your colors are so nice...I love the pattern I am using the same one to work on a grey and pink throw for my sofa....

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