Feb 8, 2014

garden update

As regular readers will recall,  while we were away on holiday my inlaws did a backyard blitz style manoeuvre on our yard.  It transformed a sloping, unloved and rocky wasteland into a terraced wonder.

The turf went in a few days after our return and has coped pretty well with our very hot and dry summer.   I'm not looking forward to our next water bill though let me tell you!!  We spend so much time out here as a family now, kicking a ball and playing cricket or just lying on the grass.  The swings are now in place beside the fort.

The garden beds are a slow work in progress but I'm enjoying that. Normally I'm all for running to the shop and buying a car full of plants but this time I'm taking the slower approach.

First thing which went in was some sunflower seeds which are now blooming in the main corner bed.  I want this bed to be a feature, to hold something spectacular.

Along the top in the small beds we planted some geranium seedlings in a variety of colours.  I want to also add some which will hang over and trail down the wall.

And along the bottom we've now planted some basil, coriander,  chives and 2 types of kale.  Although we do have the big vegetable beds out the front I wanted some of these beds to be like a kitchen garden.

On the top terrace we've now also planted another pomegranate and a lemon.

So it's slowly getting there.  But I like the gradual evolution of it .


Amy said...

I love your sunflowers! They are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I think sunflowers are the happiest flowers. One of my favourites.

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