Dec 30, 2013

easy teenage mutant ninja turtle cupcakes

Once again the Little Guy's birthday has rocked around and talk turns to what sort of cake he'd like. Of course we are foolish people and have set the bar way too high for ourselves in previous years with Scoop, Fire Engine and Iron Man.

This year I was determined to have an easy Birthday/Christmas season and didn't want to commit to any seriously complicated cakes.

Little Guy had requested a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake but we sweet talked him into accepting cupcakes. When I posted the picture on Facebook of the finished product it had more views and comments than just about any other photo I've ever shared!

These cakes were seriously easy, we used a packet mix and dyed the icing a pale turtle green.  Then we used 'snake' lollies as the head bands and a premade 'writing icing' to draw on the mouths and stick on the eyes (small chocolate beads) . You could even just draw the eyes in with the same icing  as the mouth.  Initially we thought the wiggly snakes wouldn't work as well for the headbands as the straight ones but what it did was give them all different facial expressions which looked quite cute.

All the ingredients we used are readily available in the supermarket and didn't require any great cake decorating skills. And the results were fantastic! !

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Anonymous said...

They look great! You're so good… we buy ours.

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