Dec 27, 2013

Guest Blogger - Kendra Thornton - My Home Town: Chicago

Today I've teamed up with guest blogger Kendra Thornton to share some insider goss about our home towns - Chicago for Kendra and Brisbane for me.

First up here is Kendra's piece about Chicago

A Few of Chicago's Most Interesting Attractions

I may be biased since I'm originally from Chicago, but to me there is no other city that offers more in the way of fun, culture and entertainment. There is just so much to do no matter what your budget or interests. Chicago is an especially great destination for families with kids, as there are so many family friendly activities.
1. The Hippest Neighborhood For Shopping
Among its many virtues, Chicago is a wonderful place to shop. Whether you're looking to do some holiday shopping or get some clothes and souvenirs for the kids, there are lots of famous shopping districts. One of my favorite areas to shop is the Southport Avenue neighborhood in Lakeview. This is perfect for people who like a chic yet low-key environment. This area is right next to Wrigley Field and offers a wide selection of boutiques. Be sure to check out Cerato Boutique, which features items created by native Chicago designers.

2. Art That's a Little Different

If you're not familiar with the term "outsider art," it means art created by people outside the mainstream who are not usually considered professional artists. These are self-taught artists who often create innovative and fascinating works that defy conventional labels. A good place to see some of the most interesting outsider art is at The Center For Intuitive and Outsider Art or INTUIT. This is a free museum where you can see a variety of offbeat exhibits and special events. INTUIT is on N. Milwaukee Avenue, not far from downtown Chicago and the Loop.
3. Find the Right Hotel

When you make up your mind to visit Chicago, you first need to find the right place to stay. This city is full of great hotels in all price ranges, but it can be a little overwhelming to find the one you want. That's why I recommend checking out Gogobot to find the best hotel for you. This site is full of helpful customer reviews, so you can read about the pros and cons of each one. Whether you prefer an old fashioned hotel with some history in it or a more modern one, you can pinpoint exactly what you're looking for here.
4. Lou Mitchell's Restaurant
One of the best things about Chicago is the vast selection of restaurants, cafes and eateries. I especially like some of the traditional spots that have been local favorites for years, such as Lou Mitchell's. This is an authentic Chicago diner where you can still get delicious, home cooked and reasonable meals for the whole family. Kids have a special reason for loving this place -Milk Duds are given to all of them! Lou Mitchell's is located on W. Jackson Boulevard, at the beginning of the famous Route 66.

There are many good reasons to visit Chicago, and the above are simply a few of my recommendations. This is a city that takes some time to see, so it's good if you can spend at least a few full days there. No matter when you decide to go you are sure to find lots of unique and exciting things to do.

Thanks Kendra!  Come back tomorrow for some of my insights into Brisbane.


Christina Lowry said...

Oh stop! You are making me want to hop on a plane! I've never been to America, but it is high on my husbands list of places to go, so I am sure we will get there eventually. Thanks for the tips! :)

Anonymous said...

I had never given Chicago much thought and was very pleasantly surprised at what a cool, arty city it was when I went there for work earlier this year. I loved all the outdoor art instalments (and the famous "bean" is totally worth the visit). Lake Michigan is beautiful. I loved going up the John Hancock building where on a good day I think you can see all 5 surrounding states. I would have loved to have done the architectural boat tour but unfortunately didn't get to it. Something for next time!

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