Aug 14, 2013

garden goings on

It was our show day holiday here today and we spent a lovely day pottering around the house and deck and just generally relaxing. I made my signature pancakes for breakfast. There was even enough left over for the dogs to have one. They thought all their Christmases had come at once!

This afternoon we headed off to the local garden warehouse place to pick up some rocks for a little project I've had in mind for a while. My intention was to handle this project myself with the children, possibly after school one day. But I soon realised that lifting heavy bags of rocks wasn't going to happen for me. So poor Husband Guy was conscripted to do the heavy lifting.

The area in question is what I would consider a common black spot in most gardens -under the front steps. All that seems to grow there is weeds.

I've decided to lay down a thick layer of weed matting, cover with a generous layer of nice rocks/pebbles and artfully arrange some potted plants. We've got heaps of pretty pots lying around neglected in the yard so they are being recycled.

Unfortunately today my estimate of 5 bags of rocks (at 20kgs each!) has seen us fall about 5-10 bags short. .....eek!! Oh well back to the warehouse my pack horse will go on the weekend ;)


diana said...

That's a brilliant idea. I bet it'll look fantastic. We'll follow progress with interest.

Jilly said...

That will look great! Just be ready to move the rocks back to the garden frequently. My kids love our rocks and use them in a lot of play scenarios. Then every couple of weeks we collect them all up and throw them back in the garden.

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Great idea! We have a similar garden on the edge of our patio, a truck load of rocks with pots grouped here and there!

Jen's Crafting Just Because said...

My parents have a similar garden under their stairs they've put in a pond & Bromelias.

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