Aug 15, 2013

sewing gifts from generous friends

As a crafter and maker I'm so lucky to have many supportive and generous friends. I find that most people, even if they don't craft, appreciate the time and effort that goes into crafting. I've been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of some wonderful and thoughtful gifts from friends lately. The first surprise was a bag full of 'sewers treasure' from a girlfriend cleaning out her late mother in law's sewing kit. Tins of buttons and lots of threads, trash to some but treasure to others.

The second present was a selection of quilting and decorating magazines from France from a girlfriend who had just returned from visiting her in-laws there.

And lastly today the postman brought me a parcel brimming with genuine vintage fabric. A gift from a friend in New Zealand who was left the fabrics by her mother!! These fabrics are just gorgeous and will make something really special.

Included were also two English Paper Pieced panels. One with some pretty special fussy cutting.

I'm so lucky that my friends trust me to take on their family sewing and craft legacy items and either use them or pass them on to other enthusiasts. Thanks everyone :)

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Jen's Crafting Just Because said...

Oh I just love that vintage material! It's adorable! I just cleaned my Mum's draws out if a tonne of fabric for flower making :) hehe. Thanks for linking the post :)

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