Jul 31, 2013

crochet floor rugs

I really like making these floor rugs. Putting the colours together and seeing how the design evolves. I've finished a few lately that I'd had hanging around. They look so nice in the home too on both carpet or hard floors.

This one was made for a modern bedroom with the new owner requesting yellow and a doily style.

This pink rug was also made for a bedroom being decorated in a shabby chic/French country provincial style. The centre fabric is white with little pink, grey and green spots. It's very cute.

This rug felt mammoth to work on. It is 1 metre square as opposed to circular which is how I normally work. So it's a bit bulkier. The floral is a red/pink colour with the occasional splash of blue.

This rug is still looking for a new home so if you would like to adopt it please contact me: meandmy2guys@gmail.com


Jodie said...

What kind of fabric are you using, stretchy fabric or cotton? They look amazing !!!

Christina Lowry said...

Oh, the first one is my favourite! It's like a white flower with a yellow centre. So pretty. Clever you! :)

Kate said...

This is AMAZING! I crocheted a rug at home, but it was just a rectangle because it was too intimidating to try anything harder at that scale... But now I'm thinking I should do it again!!!

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