Apr 9, 2012

a taste of Easter

My Dad showing the little Guy how to jump down the sand dunes.  Not bad for an old fella! (Love you Dad!)

We've had a really lovely couple of weeks over Easter here at meandmy2guys (and a little girl).  The little Guy and Amelie and I went to the beach with my parents for a couple of days.  

Then the 4 day Easter weekend has been a lovely relaxing time at home with husband Guy and the two doggies, relaxing on the new deck.  Sunday we went to visit with Guy's family who were out camping by a river.  I decided to cook up a storm on Saturday, baking 2 loaves of bread, a sweet chocolate bread and a spinach pie for dinner.

The chocolate bread was from Martha Stewart - I'd seen it on her program a few weeks ago and ear marked it as an Easter treat.  I'm a bit obsessed with Martha at the moment, they show her program here on free to air tv in the day time, I think the episodes are actually about a year old but I'm getting so much inspiration from her wide variety of topics.  Husband Guy thinks it's hilarious, he's mentioned my 'love' for Martha a few times lately!  Anyway the bread was really yummy, it is a long process but totally worth it.  Although mine was a teeny bit dry, will cook it a little less next time.  And I think I'll use more of the chocolate filling to give a more chocolatey inside.  I used Green and Black's Organic Milk Chocolate which has a little bit of dark chocolate in it for a richer taste - yum!

 My mother-in-law dyed some of her chicken eggs for our lunch yesterday.  I'd seen the process on Martha the other day and passed the 'recipe' on to her.  Their chicken eggs are hands down the best eggs I've ever tasted.  It doesn't matter what free range or organic eggs I buy, nothing beats my MIL's chicken eggs.  I thought this vibrant green one was the best (so I nabbed it for myself).



Jodie said...

Lovely pics - especially the shadow!

circle retreat quilter said...

Happy easter and who dosent love Martha......I use to watch her at 6.30am her cookie's are awesome too.

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

What gorgeous images of your Easter. Thanks for linking up this week.

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