Apr 10, 2012

styling the kid's rooms

I've been hanging out for weeks to style the children's rooms really nicely.  I finally got around to it in the last week or so, with the culmination being today when Mum & I carried Amelie's dressing table up from under our house.  The dressing table came from my Granny's place and I think it belonged to an Aunt or something.  It's been under our house for 2 years with the thought that one day we might have a little girl to give it to.  Under the terrible paint it is apparently Silky Oak.

When we moved little Guy into his new room I sweetened the deal by buying him an awesome rocket light feature.  Last week I re hung his fabric canvases that I made and today we hung the awesome LED lights that Mum & Dad bought for him for Easter.  Next stop will be some cute bunting and then I think we'll be done.

Amelie's room is still kind of under re arrangement but the dressing table installation has helped heaps.  She'd been given some very cute things that I knew would be perfect on the dressing table and I had it all worked out in my mind where they'd go. 

My Mum helped me out the other day by washing the two woolen blankets I'd crocheted for Amelie during my pregnancy and they are now happily being used by my gorgeous little possum.

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Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

The rooms look great! It reminds me that I need to finish off my boys rooms too!

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