Apr 29, 2012

rain, rain, crochet, rain

Greetings everyone from a very wet Brisbane.

Thursday was a lovely clear day, sunny and quite cool.

By Saturday it was raining cats and dogs and several other animals and cold.

I went to a gorgeous baby shower on Saturday with Miss Amelie for a friend having her first baby.  I crocheted a cute gender-neutral baby blanket for the impending arrival.  (Sorry about the photos, inside shots with my phone.  My camera has gone on holidays without me to NYC).


Maria said...

What a lovely cheerful looking baby blanket. Love the colours! I also love your other photos on this post. That's sad that your camera went to NYC without you!lol

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

I love gender natural colours - so sick of pinks & blue. I bet the blanket was a hit - I would of loved to receive one when I had my girls.

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