Sep 21, 2011

a lovely friend's quilt

My lovely friend Meg was telling me the other day about the beautiful quilt her Mum made for her.  She sent some piccies over yesterday and I just had to share.

Here is the full quilt, I just love the colours, they are so Meg!

And here are a few of my favourite blocks.  The quilt was professionally quilted and I just love the detail you get from having that done.

Sunbonnet Sue I believe - love the quilting

a Dresden Plate - one of my faves

and this pretty, not sure what it's called.
Now my challenge to you, my dear friends, is can you identify the rest of the blocks for me?  I was telling Meg that each block has a name and a special significance but unfortunately that's as far as our history lesson went with my limited knowlege.  (Christine I'm looking directly at you here! :)

Well done Mrs Kiddle !  Beautiful work and it suits your Daughter very well I think.


Anonymous said...

Lovely sampler quilt, got some names for you might have to look up the others

Card Trick 2nd row right
Honey Bee 3rd row middle
Celtic applique last row middle
School house variation 1st row right
Ohio Star last row left

2nd row left block I think could be Jacobs Ladder or split nine patch

you got me thinking, many blocks have more than one name
Have a great day

Anonymous said...

Shoo fly variation 1st row middle

Anonymous said...

Me again

I think 3rd row left is a Ohio Star variation

not sure if there is a name for the sailing boat

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