Sep 14, 2011

doilie embellishment on a one piece suit

I've had a few queries about what I was going to do with my vintage doilies.  Truth be told I didn't have any definate ideas and definately had nothing to show.

Today however an idea came together quite nicely and while Guy was having a nap after a big morning play date I was able to execute my idea.

Take one vintage doilie and one one piece baby suit.  Stitch doilie to front of suit and voila!  A very cute embellishment.  The suit is actually pale green, it's a bit washed out in these photos, and the doilie is a latte colour (just think of that common colour you often see these doilies in!).  I left the very outside edge unattached so it sits up a bit like flower petals.  I did contemplate using applique heat and bond stuff but you would have seen it through all the gaps in the doilie.  So instead I stitched it on by hand.

So there you go - one doilie used up.  Does anyone else have any cute doilie suggestions?

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