Sep 3, 2011

belated birthday gift and more baby stuff

I'm pretty sure my Bro isn't a regular reader of my blog! So I feel ok putting up pictures of his present I've just finished, for his birthday which was at the end of April!

He is one of those rowdy Aussie ex-pats living it up in London so I thought this cute Kokka fabric would make great cushions for him.

I actually got the idea when I saw the fabric with the Tube map on it but unfortunately it sold out before I was ready to purchase.  So instead he got London landmarks and some cars which look like London Black Cabs to me.

Whilst I was sewing the cushions I used an offcut to make a little passport wallet for husband Guy.  He's been doing a bit of travel for work lately and the poor passport is looking a tad worse for wear.

And on the baby sewing front I've made 2 bunny rugs.  They are just 2 pieces of material, at least one flannel, with a satin ribbon edging.  The dimensions are roughly a full width of fabric (42inches) x about 1 metre or 1 yard (depending on what I had in the stash).  No batting in the middle as they need to be of a lighter weight for the Aussie climate.



Frances said...

I like the wraps Bree - very cute may just have to make a couple for my niece due in 3 weeks!!!!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh i love the fabrics & sewing ideas, love Posie

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