Mar 4, 2011

pinwheel delight - top pieced

I had a plan today - use my design floor (haha) to layout my pinwheels and rectangles ensuring a good balance of colours and fabrics and then to piece the quilt top together.  It had to be all done in one hit because my design floor actually doubles as my kitchen floor and it would be needed later in the day!

laying the pieces out on the floor

Anyway I got it all pieced - it was a little tedious as I was so paranoid about mucking up my layout.  Lots of trips in and out of the studio into the kitchen to check it was all still in the right order.
pieces sewn together (with toe detail)
I am very pleased with the results though and am thinking the slim border which frames it (there are two borders, one slim and a wider pieced one) will be done in white.  Ohh and I almost forgot to add - the seams ALL LINE UP.  There is a smidge here and there but overall - THEY ALL LINE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Finally, the cushion odyssey continues, new red cushions for the red couch.  Can you guess what the fabric depicts?  It comes as a big panel from Ikea but I liked the random areas of white when I cut it all up.

It's a big panel of a bull dog!  I'm a golden retriever person through and through but I like the quirk factor in these cushions. I made sure the eyes went on the back though so we don't feel like the cushions are constantly watching!


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Love the quilt, it looks great!

baukje said...

The quilt is beautiful and congrats that they all lines up!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done looking great.Love your choice of colour too


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