Mar 28, 2011

Monday - snapshots from my day

Another runner in the cute selvedge stakes:

 A little drawstring bag to carry the kindy sheets:

A cushion for my chair:

And a little peek into my studio, my stash cabinet:

I purchased this gorgeous pot from Bison Australia whilst in Melbourne last year.  It currently holds my knitting needles and my rotary cutters.  I think I'll move it up to the top of my cabinet and just keep my growing collection of knitting needles in it.  Hopefully when we're back in Melbourne in June I can pick up something smaller to hold my rotary cutters and markers.

Most pieces that Bison produce have this little fellow on them. (It's the Bison, he's a bit hard to see).

The completed coasters for my friend:


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

I love the selvedge - so cute!

Tania said...

Sighhh. If only all selvedges were that much gorgeousness...(not that I ever cut a selvedge off anyway...ahem).

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