Mar 6, 2011

quilting inspiration on the go #3 - the Gold Coast

Mum, Dad, myself and the Little Guy have just spent a relaxing weekend at the Gold Coast.  Little Guy has previously been quite scared of the beach but he's now got a lot more confidence around the surf and is happy to spend time on the beach paddling and building sand castles.

a large rusted wall around the bottom of the Q1 building

verdigris on copper detail on an apartment building

a rendered wall with markings reminiscent of quilting

As we walked around Surfers Paradise we came across some beautiful details in the buildings as well as the buildings themselves.

the Q1 building, the tallest on the Coast
copper detail on an apartment building

Some shells also would look great as a quilt block, I'm thinking Dresden Plate style.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

we had DH christmas party at the QI 78th floor last christmas, it was so high...


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