Feb 11, 2010


It was bothering me the other day that Husband Guy is the only person I've never made a gift for. You would think it would be easy but not so. Not long after I had this thought he suggested that I make him some sort of exercise mat. I said I would love to, he thought I was being sarcastic, in the end he opted to purchase a yoga style mat. His most helpful suggestion for something to make was to make one of those draft stopping snake things to put under the door to stop the cool air from the air con escaping.

*look of disgust from me*

Anyway, Husband Guy loves to cook and I was thinking that the potholders we have were looking very dirty and ratty. So I made him some new ones. It is a very practical gift, not romantic or personal in the least. But I know he will use them and see them every day.

Made in the same way as coasters, with 2 layers of batting (I used wool) and quilted with a simple spiral pattern.


Purple Paisley Patch said...

I'm sure your "Guy" will love these. The fabric you used is great. Have you heard about insulated batting? It's great for pot holders and you only have to use one layer of it, but I like to use one layer of insulated batting and one layer of ordinary batting, otherwise I feel they're a bit thin. :-)

Doreen said...

Very nice Bree...I am sure Guy will just love them...very practical but also very attractive..just like my glasses cases...which were ever so useful. You are getting very clever.

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