Feb 3, 2010

garden update

Hello everyone, just thought I'd pop in and put up some more photos from my garden. The olive trees, rosemary and lavenders are all in. And after several scorching days we've had a few days of rain so hopefully that will kick start them.

We've had a couple of sproutings over in the vege patch, although I can't tell you exactly what they are as the pencil on the marking sticks washed off in the rain!

And the sunflowers that I threw in for fun came up right away and are loving the sunny weather.
As are the tomatos and basil.
And I just thought I'd share this lovely plant which is something I remember from my Granny's house. Not sure what it's called but these little flowers are all fluffy in the morning and by midday when the sun is out they go a bit shrivelled like this. Then the next morning they're all fluffed up again. And the birds love them.

Lastly a couple of cross stitch books I picked up for a bargain price at my local Spotlight store on the weekend.
I'm trying to tackle some of our never ending unpacking. Things that we don't need all the time which just get forgotten in boxes, I'm trying to do a little every few days.

Have fun with whatever your week brings you!

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