Feb 27, 2010

Red stack and slash quilt - quilting underway

I can only say this to an audience who understand - I HATE my walking foot.

It doesn't walk. The little swinging arm thingy gets stuck in the up position and it refuses to walk properly. It's been doing this for a while, I either take it off and fiddle it up and down and try to brush it (it's not dirty to start with) or I hold my finger so that it forces the little arm thingy to go down. Which invariably ends up with me getting my finger squished.

But never has this been such a problem as now, when I'm trying to quilt my red stach and slash quilt. I've opted for following the stack and slash lines, quilting on either side of the seam. Rita over at Red Pepper Quilts often quilts like this.

And it creates interesting lines on the back, since it is made up of straight line piecing.

Oh well, must perservere. The quilt is made up of 6 large blocks so am going to try and do half to one block per day. Any suggestions as to what ails my walking foot? Or do I just spend the $50 and get a new one?


Purple Paisley Patch said...

How annoying! I'm sorry, I don't have any helpful tips for you.

It might pay to take a photo of the foot so that people know what foot and machine you're working with, then someone with the same machine might have some words of wisdom for you. I hope you find the answer, quilting is meant to be fun! :-)

Pauline said...

I am not sure what foot you are using, but are you putting the little arm above the screw that holds your needle in? The needle then goes up and down and the walking foot will go with it..so the foot goes on, but the arm goes ABOVE the needle screw hold in thingy..hope you understand what I mean..maybe this helps??? such technical talk and all..:)

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