Mar 30, 2009

Face Washer Easter Bunnies

Well here is my first tutorial, and it's for a project that has a special place in my heart. My mum is a school teacher and she's always picking up or designing cute little projects like this.

These Face Washer Easter Bunnies are great for kids to make as presents or as gifts for friends who may not necessarily want or need too much chocolate!

For each bunny you wish to make you will need a face washer (any colour you want, slightly bigger washers are better), a rubber band or hair elastic, embroidery cotton and needle and any trims you wish to use (pom pom for tail, ribbons etc).

Step 1: Take your face washer, place it on the diagonal and roll it up into a sausage.

Step 2: Fold the sausage in half, the 'u' part will form the bunny's bottom and the loose ends will form the ears.

Step 3: Fold the 'ears' back over themselves towards the 'u'. This part will form the head. Tightly wind the rubber band/ elastic around the washer to secure the head and ears.

Step 4: Embroider eyes, nose, whiskers on the face and attach tail. This is optional, I have been known to give the bunnies away with no sewing on them, the shape is usually enough. You can also wind ribbon around to cover the elastic if desired.

Step 5: Rest an egg or other gift (nice soap, cosmetics, other chocolates, whatever you like) in the body of your bunny.

And there you have it, a novel and easy to make gift suitable for kids and adults! You could even make a Fat Quarter Bunny for a sewing friend!

1 comment:

Janellybelly said...

I haven't seen these little face washer bunnies for years, & had forgotten how to make them - thanks for the tutorial!

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