Mar 8, 2009

My Peppermint did arrive

Just in case you were starting to get worried..... my Peppermint did arrive. She actually arrived a few weeks ago but I haven't had the time to post etc etc. I'm a mean mum and I'm not letting Little Guy play with her, I've decided that since she is a Melly and Me original that she's of the look but don't touch variety.

So once again thank you to Rosie and Melly for choosing my name and for making me my own special Peppermint. Here is a photo of her hanging out on my sewing table.


Nel Matheson said...

Love Peppermint! Thank you very much for visiting my little shop yesterday. The fabrics you chose are some of my favourites. I will look forward to seeing some of them on your blog site. Warmest regards, Nel from Sew Excited

Unknown said...

Nel I've finally made cushions with the green material, and with the gold one too but haven't take photos yet.

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