Mar 14, 2009

Fabric Frenzy and Holidays

Well Little Guy and I went on holidays this week. We left Husband Guy at home because he was very busy with work and we went to stay with my parents. They rented a house in Brooms Head which is in Northern New South Wales - it's a tiny town by the beach - where the bush meets the beach. If you look in one direction you have the beach and in the other direction the kangaroos and the local wild brumby wandering through your back yard. Unfortunatley I discovered that even with Nanny and Grandad's help, holidaying with a 1 year old on your own is not much of a holiday!

Anyway I've had a couple of weeks of Fabric Frenzy - that is I've purchased a huge amount of fabric in 2 weeks without even really trying. But I can't wait to save it all up for the Sunday stash so I've gotta share some now. The nearest town to Brooms Head is Maclean which is home to 2 fabric shops - Crafty Angels which is all about fabric and Sew Excited which is fabric, scrapbooking and all manner of craft supplies.

From Crafty Angels I picked up:
Some reds - I think my next quilt will be in reds. I love the top left one because it's kind of textured, the right one because it reminds me of a Monet painting and the bottom one cause I'm going through a bit of an asian fascination.

Also these two (not to be used together obviously!) The red one will probably form part of some cushion covers for my lounge room and the floral because it reminded me of Amy Butler's work.

And from the lovely Nel at Sew Excited:

This one is going to be part of the border for my En
glish paper piecing quilt.

These lovely greens will be something for my Mum who loves green. Either some cushions for her bedroom or something else.

And finally from Nel, this lovely one. I have some fabric that looks like pebbles that I'm thinking will complement this.

And finally as a pure fluke we found an odds and ends shop in Yamba which was closing down and picked up these two cuties for $5 per metre.

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Staci said...

Oh I love those little nesting dolls. What a great find!


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