Oct 12, 2012

ten things for ten months

My dear baby girl is ten months today. I want to record a few of my thoughts and memories since the baby book(s) I have are very sadly neglected.

1.  You have a big, bold personality my baby.
2.  You adore your brother and Dadda but Mama is still number one.
3.  Sleeping at night is not your forte however you aren't too bad during the day.
4. You are very musical. You groove along to songs and love it when we sing Incy Wincy Spider and Row Row Row Your Boat.
5.  You have a lot to say, even more than your brother did at this age, and we thought he was vocal. Mama, Dadda, Guy, dog dog, woof woof, no, out, Grandad.

6.  You haven't officially rolled over but are very speedy scooting around on your bottom.
7.  Sometimes when your brother is upset you go out in sympathy with him other times you laugh at him.
8.  You have a killer smile and love making friends. You stare at people until they acknowledge you and then you flash them a big dimply smile.
9.  Your tongue is frequently out testing the world around you or just for concentration.  You remind me of a little lizard.
10.  You are an absolute delight to everyone who meets you and such a special addition to our family.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post! I especially like #8 and #9. Happy 10 months beautiful girl. xx

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

She is so cute!

Tania said...

I LOVE that little lizardy photo at the top...

DangAndBlast! said...

Love the reminder that all babies develop differently - ours is just under ten months, crawling, pulling up, and one of her friends just a day older is already walking - but she doesn't say anything but rah rah rah, and understands very little of what we say. I might trade nearly walking for saying cute words like yours, though!

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