Apr 15, 2011

lovely bits and pieces

Today we spent a lovely day with my girlfriend who took us to not one but two Textile Traders stores.  Lots of fabric was purchased however you'll have to wait to see my haul.

Here are a few other bits and pieces from the last few days.

Mum bought me this great book from Calico & Ivy, neither of us had seen it previously and it is such an interesting book.  A lot about the history of quilting, especially about engligsh paper piecing.  It is called "Patchwork for Beginners" by Sue Prichard.

"Have you remembered to collect pieces for the patchwork?  We are now at a stand-still" - Jane Austen writing to her sister Cassandra in 1811

Mosaic at the Perth Bell Tower.

Found this great tea towel at the Kakulas Sisters store in Fremantle.  Kakulas Sisters and their Kakulas Brothers store in Perth are awesome providores, loads of sacks of coffee beans and lentils and such.

The famous West Australian Black Swans.  I love the way the feathers at the back look like a bustle on a fancy dress!


Anonymous said...

cool, cool swans!

Doreen said...

Love the quote from Jane..

Doreen said...

I love from gift from Textile Traders..

Wendy said...

Those swans are gorgeous!

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