Apr 4, 2011

knit one purl one - oops!

Do you know what happens when you knit one purl one and then you slip up and forget and just keep right on knitting?

 You get a speed bump.

But I'm quite taken by this speed bump.

So I did it again!  I'm not counting the rows I'm just guesstimating.

On other notes:

*  this is post 250 - time for another giveaway perhaps?
*  today I went out and performed an actual real job - I think I much prefer staying at home to sew!  :)
*  cycling season has commenced - am currently watching last night's tour of Flanders, next week comes Paris Roubaix!  Once the Spring Classics are done then come the majors!  I love watching cycling.  And perhaps soon I'll be joining their ranks.  But that's a funny story for another day.


Frances said...

I like the speed humps very cool!!! Would not have picked you for a cycle enthusiast, what else is hidden in the deepths????

Doreen said...

will we see the finished product..can't wait to hear more about the cycling...not too long until the Tour.

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