Feb 28, 2011

pinwheel delight class with Christine

my half square triangles before and after pressing
Today I had the pleasure of attending a class entitled Pinwheel Delight from my favourite quilting tutor Christine.  Aunty Dor was there as well as two other lovely ladies - Emma-Kate and Shannen.

Emma-Kate's beautiful fabrics

Shannen's pretty purples

Aunty Dor's Kaffe collection
Christine in her patient manner showed us how to create perfect pinwheels as well as passing on heaps of helpful little hints for general sewing.  I honestly did not think I'd be able to create these perfectly pointed pinwheels - but it is quite easy when you know how!
spending the day surrounded by piles of fabric
my half square triangles ready to be trimmed and assembled into pinwheels
Everyone had chosen different fabrics and you can see how unique each quilt will be despite us all using the same pattern.

Emma-Kate's, Aunty Dor's, Mine

two of my pinwheels and blocks

I took this opportunity to finally cut into my Arcadia by Sanae stash.  I also added this orange for a bit of contrast and added two more prints from the range from the selection available at Peppermint Stitches.

Aunty Dor's


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bree for your kind words, days like today make my week.
Love the pictures too, have fun stitching.


Doreen said...

Can't believe how lucky I was to share this lovely class with such gorgeous ladies...Christine is just the best tutor..

Jilly said...

That stack of purples is yummy!

Looks like a cute start -- you're getting in on some great classes lately.

Marlene said...

Visiting from Christine's blog. I met her in a class I took with her when I lived in Brisbane and agree- such a calm knowledgeable woman.
Blocks look great.Love the fabrics people chose-am a Kaffe fan so loved seeing that choice.

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