Feb 22, 2011

got a rocket?

I have a rocket, made from the great tutorial by the long thread.
Little Guy loves rockets at the moment and we're doing a space theme in his bedroom.  I keep calling it his new bedroom but it's his existing bedroom now with a big-boy bed and new decor.  He loves his big-boy bed, he's so funny.  We bought sheets with stars on them and I'm slowly gathering/ making some accessories.

 Today I decided was sewing for me day.  I've been in desperate need of a case for the little camera I carry in my bag - so I whipped that up.  Purely from scraps and it took about 20 mins.

I finished off the rocket and then received my usual weekly rocket from my friend Meg.  Meg is a Success Coach and sends me an email every Monday checking on my progress with my little shop and sewing adventures.  It's great to have her to bounce ideas off and to be accountable to someone.  She picks up little things in my language or attitude and gently steers me in the right direction.  I find that my friends and family are all really supportive of what I do but no one actually pushes me - Meg provides the push that I need.  Whether you are trying to achieve in big business, small business or just life in general you should pop on over to her website and say hi, she has heaps of useful tips and motivational material!

So after I'd received my rocket my motivation was on the up and I ordered my woven labels!  So excited about that, it's something I've wanted to do for ages and just never got around to doing (Thanks Meg!).

please excuse the child-clutter in the background!
I also started on the 3 sets of cushions I want to make for the loungeroom.  The new gray armchair needed some cushions and I'd picked up this delicious AMH fabric a month ago for this exact reason.  A second cushion to follow.


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