Nov 24, 2010

Mya's baby quilt - finished!

I thought today I'd better crack on and finish Mya's quilt.  Mya and her Mum are coming over tomorrow and rather than wait and do some fancy quilting I thought I'd just bind it up and finish it today.

I used a scrappy binding.  All the left over bits from the log cabins and even the backing were cut into strips and sewn together.  I had just enough to do the binding and I felt very good that I didn't have to go and buy more fabric and that I don't have these little bits of fabric floating around in my stash.

I also tried a different technique for machine sewing the binding onto the quilt, a technique suggested to me by Christine.  When you sew the raw edges of your binding to the quilt, attach it to the back of the quilt.  Fold the binding over then using a nice zig zag or perhaps a blanket stitch, sew the binding down on the front of the quilt.  This worked a treat for me and wound up much neater than my previous attempts at stitching in the ditch and trying to 'catch' the binding from the opposite side.  This method probably isn't for everyone as you wind up with a noticeable zig zag stitch on your binding, which didn't bother me as this is a child's quilt.  Obviously too if you chose a neutral thread it would blend in more.

And as the sun is bright here for the first time in days, I headed outside for the finished photos.  I will definately do that more often I think.  (It also helped that our mower man has just been and the yard looks nice!).


Doreen said...

Very nice and great to see it displayed outside..she will love it..don't forget to sign and date it if you get time.

Anonymous said...

Just read this post, Bree if you make the zigzag smaller and elongate the stitch i. e. longer you will see it less.

The zigzag should just catch the binding as the needle jumps from side to side.
Happy stitching


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