Nov 22, 2010

Christmas placemats

I finished the first batch of Christmas placemats in time for the first of our family Christmas celebrations.  Aunty is going to the UK to visit her daughter and son-in-law (and my bro) so we had a pre-Christmas with her, her son and his partner.  

You can see here how bright and lovely the placemats made the table look. 

I will take a close up of some of the finished ones, once I get them back from my Mum.

I've been sewing madly lately, trying to get my Warwick quilt finished so that Aunty can take it with her and deliver it to my bro personally.  More pics to come shortly.


Bonnie said...

Beautiful table setting!

Anonymous said...

love the placemats! I'm working on a set for Thanksgiving, will show them off next week. Happy Holidays!

Doreen said...

Lovely work..

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