Aug 28, 2010

whipping my WIP

I've been showing my WIP (work in progress) who's boss around here lately.

I finished off some coasters which I started way back around Mother's Day (May here in the Southern Hemisphere).  I gave eight to my Mum but never quite got around to finishing the rest - TICK.

I've started the backing for my large hexagon quilt and my aim is to take it off to the machine quilter on Monday.

The placemats for my besty are finished and just need to be delivered.

And I made this cushion.  It is in memory of my Great Aunt who passed away a few months ago.  She was one of the brave women who followed her American soldier beau back to the USA after World War 2.  They went on to lead a wonderful life together, travelling and living all over the world and bearing 3 lovely daughters.  This cushion is off to the home of one daughter to remind her of her 'Aussie' roots.

(On a side note - for those of you who have seen The Pacific television series - please be advised that it portrayed those young Australian women in a rather 'shady' light.  They weren't all jumping into bed with the soldiers - just FYI.)

Have a nice day :)

garden update

The flowers are blooming here and I'm so excited.  I've never really excelled at growing flowers but this year we seem to be having some success.

I bought some mixed bags of seeds a while ago, flowers in shades of blue, to compliment the lavender, rosemary and olives.  The seeds sprouted very quickly but the 'men' of the household were dubious as to whether they would ever flower.
But 'aha' we have one confirmed flower and 3 more buds.  Not much for the amount of foliage we have but I'm still hopeful.

Our lavenders have continued to flower and thrive and two of them now have given white flowers.  It's very strange, something I've never seen before.  Especially since I was fairly sure they were all the same variety.

Aug 24, 2010

sneak peek - present for my besty

It's my besty's birthday in a few weeks but due to circumstances beyond our control (ie the birth of her baby) I need to get her gift finished and over to her ASAP.

Here is a sneek peek, cause she is an avid reader of my blog, and I don't want to ruin the surprise before next week.

I have used one of my favourite fabric lines for this, as it's right up her alley.


Aug 23, 2010

the very hungry caterpillar quilt - finished

Hello everyone!  The very hungry caterpillar quilt is finally finsished - ta dah!

Sorry the photos aren't great, it's very gloomy here today.


Aug 18, 2010

a little bit of this and that

I've been trying to do a little bit of sewing each day at the moment.

I tried this little cap pattern today, although the size is way too small for my little Guy's big head.  So this is being gifted to our little girlfriend who also is interested in tractors and stuff at the moment.

And here is a sneaky peek at the gift I created for Tyler who is my International Craft Swap partner.  Of course I will show you the full shots once Tyler receives it in the mail (which hasn't left here yet).

I unpicked the backing from the Hungry Caterpillar Quilt the other night and sucessfully reattached it.  Think I will do a few more rows to secure it all together before trimming and binding.

And I've decided my little Go With The Flow hexagon cushion will indeed become a cushion cover for my 'studio' so now I'm motivated to finish it!  I'm think a lovely colourful border is in order now.

Aug 15, 2010

I'm making a list

And I probably will check it at least twice.  I have decided I need a new 'to do' list, because I keep forgetting and remembering and forgetting all the projects I have lined up.  And I like to be systematic about these things!

1.  Gift for best friend's birthday - have the fabric and the idea - just need to execute. (for September)
2.  Gift for MIL's birthday - have some fabric and the idea. (for November)
3.  Quilt for my brother - have the fabric, need to solidify the pattern idea.  (for Christmas)
4.  Make cushions for market stall - have most of the fabric, need inserts. (for September)
5.  Finish the hungry caterpillar quilt.
6.  Assemble the backing and batting for my large hexagon quilt and get it off to the machine quilter.
7.  Make runner/ small quilt for my bed - have the fabric, need to confirm pattern.  
8.  Make sketching sets/ drawing folios for all the little people in my life (4 or 5 of them) (for Christmas)

I think that's enough for today.  I'm feeling a bit worn out after all that!  And I'll probably remember a few more things I had in mind soon too.

I have tried to lead by example and have made my gift for the International Craft Swap.  Hope she likes it!

Aug 14, 2010

the very hungry caterpillar quilt - top and backing finished

At last the top of the very hungry caterpillar quilt is all finished and sewn together.  It took me 3 goes to get one of the panels on right, and even now it's a bit wonky but no one will notice except me!

Today I had 5 minutes spare so I quickly pieced the back of the quilt.  I had previously purchased this blue to go with the rest of the fabrics but it was just a little short for the quilt.  I'd saved some of the strips of 'food' fabric to put on the back.  The 3 strips were enough to give me the length I needed for the backing.

Then I got all gung ho and pinned them together and started to plan where I was going to join the backing and the top - given that this was 'quilt as you go' so the joins need to be strategic.

And then we had another fail, the second, well third actually for this project.  A personal best I think.  The backing wound up all wonky as I decided to quilt from the front and had to remove the safety pins a bit prematurely.  Oh well, I'm going to have some time on my hands next week so will be wielding the unpicker.

And the 5 metres of binding is all ready to go and everything!

Aug 12, 2010

a lovely gift

The lovely Jaclyn from Urban Crunch sent me this cute gift for participating in her World Cup Hexagon Month.

Lots and lots of little squares of fabric - perfect for making hexagons!

I think these ones are my favourites.

Thanks so much Jaclyn! 

Aug 8, 2010

the very hungry caterpillar quilt - 3rd panel

After my fail from the other week I finally got round to unpicking the mistakes and starting again.  I went for a simpler pieced look for the third panel, making it in keeping with the first two but still a little different.

Here is the completed panel.

And here is a close up of the piecing.

I had my first taste of chain piecing too which I found to be very speedy.

Now to sew the 3 panels together - pictures to follow.

Aug 2, 2010

Craft Swap, Craft Swap, step right up!!!

Yes, a craft swap,  an international craft swap to be precise. The lovely Jenn from paper & clouds and I are hosting an international Craft Swap.

Here’s how it works. You’re crafty -  you make something crafty. If you work with paper - make something with paper, if you sew - sew something, if you make jewellery - make jewellery. Then send it off to your swap partner and you will receive a crafty item from them in return. It’s that simple!

For this swap we’re asking you to make a crafty item that can be made within a day. Don’t go overboard, but make something that you’d like to receive. For example, if you sew, you could put together a simple bag. If you work with paper, a simple photo album or set of cards. If you make jewelry, maybe it’s a fabulous necklace or pair of earrings.

A couple rules… you must be willing to ship internationally… your item must be handmade… you must sign up by August 8… you must ship your item by August 31. I think that’s it. Easy, right?

To join the swap, leave a comment below and answer these questions:
1. Your favorite colour(s)
2. Your favorite food(s)
3. A craft(s) you haven’t tried, but really, really, really want to try.
Please also include your email and blog, if you have one. We’ll email you with your swap partner info after the 8th.

So… sign up! Spread the word and have fun!
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