Mar 16, 2012

Little Guy's breakfast smoothie

We've been making awesome breakfast smoothies lately.  The little Guy isn't a huge fan of breakfast, he prefers to graze and pick than to actually choose something and eat it.  It worries me that he starts the day on a largely empty stomach, especially when he goes to kindy.  He is a huge fan of a certain brand of smoothie that you get in the shopping centres, so I figured I could make something very similar from ingredients that we usually have on hand anyway.  A fun and yummy way to start the day.  I was inspired by an episode of River Cottage where Hugh makes his Breakfast Thickie - he uses banana, ice, yoghurt and some rolled oats.

This isn't a recipe really, more a guide.  Measurements are approximate and it makes enough for a large glass for me and a small glass for himself.

Little Guy's Breakfast Smoothie

3 dessert spoons of greek yoghurt
2 handfuls of berries (I generally use frozen ones straight out of the freezer but you can use fresh)
about a cup of milk
2 bananas (one per person)
and about a cup of toasted fruit free muesli (we use Carmen's - great Australian brand) (you could use oats, untoasted muesli or even some wheatgerm or bran)

Give it a blitz in the blender and serve - it is pretty thick - if it is too thick for you add more milk or less yoghurt - the muesli gives a nice texture with a little taste of nuts too.

Yummy and fun way to start the day!

Mar 14, 2012

crochet baby blanket #1

We are almost half way through March.

And I've started a baby blanket for one of the 3 babies due to 3 of my friends in June.


Mar 13, 2012

recycled milk bottle easter baskets

These easter baskets are a great craft activity to do with children whilst recycling a very common product.  Just make sure if you are saving up your milk bottles or cartons that you wash them straight away - otherwise the little leftover bits of milk are hard to remove and they STINK! :)

Take your milk bottle or carton and with a marker draw around the bottom to mark out the basket and the handle.  The handle shape will be attached to the basket on one side initially and extend up one side of your bottle.

With some sharp scissors cut along your marker lines.  Once you have cut out your shape you can then pretty up the edges with decorative scissors or pinking shears if desired.

Fold your handle part over to the opposite side and attach with a stapler.

Now go crazy with the decorating!  The sky is the limit and children of just about any age can do this part - even if they can't do the cutting out part.

You can line with fabric, wind ribbon around the handle, cover with stickers, put a ruffle around the basket - or my favourite attach a bunny face and some polyfil or cotton wool balls as a tail.  We always used to put cotton wool balls on the inside too as a bit of a 'nest' for our eggs.  And of course you don't have to put eggs in them - they are perfect for any little gift. 

Mar 4, 2012

more baking

I seem to have been bitten by some sort of bug which requires me to bake a lot.  So not necessarily a bad bug, except that as is the way with freshly baked things - you kinda want to eat them all up straight away!

This week I've made two lots of dough for bread, resulting in several batches of vegemite and cheese scrolls, some pizza bases and several loaves of bread.  I've also made banana and walnut loaf and this morning bacon, cheese and spinach savoury muffins.

And now that we are back in our house and husband Guy isn't travelling for work so much, we're getting ready to head back into the vege garden.  But I'm not stopping there - I'm going to purchase a yoghurt making kit and have a go at making Greek style yoghurt.  

Am I sick do you think? Maybe delayed nesting since I couldn't really nest properly before Amelie came along due to all the renovations??  Or is it simply that this is what being a Mum is all about :)
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