Dec 27, 2011

rocket ship cake

It's that time of year again where Hubby Guy and I have to put on our thinking caps and try to match the cake making exploits of the year before.  This year's theme was a rocket ship cake.

Using a rocket Christmas decoration as inspiration Guy carved out the cake and assembled all the pieces, I then follow with the icing before he added the lolly decorations.  We've noticed that little Guy's fave part of most cakes, cupcakes, gingerbread men is the lollies.  So we went less for the nice icing job and more for the lolly decorations.

And true to form the little devil took a slice, ate all the lollies and gave the cake part back to me!  But he enjoyed himself so that's the main thing.

Dec 26, 2011

images of Christmas

It's Boxing Day here in Australia now, it's hot, we're watching the cricket and generally trying to relax.  Our Boxing Day generally involves a trip to the grocery store to get provisions for the Little Guy's birthday on the 27th.  No Boxing Day sales and bargain madness for us generally.

Here are a few images of our Christmas.

Mum's gingerbread tree

My trifle - my Grandmother always made trifle at Christmas - now I do it but with my own special twist!

The usual Gingerbread people but this year with smaller cutters

the most beautiful emerald green Christmas beetle flew into our house the other night, Guy and I had never seen one quite like it.

new casual chairs for the deck

Dec 16, 2011

a Ta-Dah of a different kind!

Hello everyone!  I'm back in the land of the living after a very hectic and up heaved couple of months.  The house is nearly finished and looking fab.  We've been able to move back in after over a month bunking with my Mum & Dad.

But the big ta-dah moment is the birth of our little baby girl!

On the 12/12 at 8.54 am Amelie Matisse was born.  Now I'm breaking my own rule here and I will let you have a little peek at my gorgeous princess.  She was 3.4kgs (7 pounds 9) and 50 cm long.

Big Brother Guy is so proud - as is Daddy Guy.  So far our beautiful little bundle is being very well behaved and doing all those things that bubbys do - sleeping, eating, burping, pooping.  Apparently one's 30+ body doesn't bounce back quite as quickly from a C section as my 25+ body did - but oh well, a small price to pay.

And for a touch of something crafty - check out these gorgeous plaques that my friend Amanda made.  she has the most amazing eye for detail and colour - although she claims to be craft-impaired.


Nov 9, 2011

quilting inspiration on the go #7

I've shown you photos of the revamped Boggo Road Jail precinct previously.  They now run a farmers/craft market there on Sundays so we headed out last week to have a look.

I love the buildings in this precinct and from where we sat we had a great view.

Oct 24, 2011

random happenings

First question of the day - why when we are expecting children do we feel compelled to undertake major renovation of our dwellings?  Or is it just dumb luck that these things seem to collide?  We've been planning this renovation of our home for 2 years - since we purchased the property.  How is it that now, 7 weeks before B-day (baby day), here I am counting the minutes until the kitchen can be measured and then made, wardrobes installed, carpet laid, laundry finished -etc etc etc.  We are currently kitchen-less, laundry-less, the toilet is still operational but I'm not holding my breath to see how long that will last.  We have a bathroom and our bedroom and little Guy's bedroom are the only rooms really that will undergo no renovation - but they are currently also stacked full of boxes of stuff from the rest of the house!  Anyway, I am actually much calmer about the whole situation than I (and Hubby Guy) thought I would be.  Here is a sample of the destruction/construction.

Aunty came back from Europe the other day and brought me these cute stitch markers from Loop - a yarn shop popular with Mollie Makes.

Then Mum, Aunty and I went to the Quilt & Craft show on Saturday.  It was really heartening to see that the show has actually grown in size and popluarity.  Although my stamina unfortunatly did not keep pace - I was wrecked by the end and didn't even take any photos of all the amazing quilts on show.  Picked up some cute, tiny crochet hooks - 2.5, 3 & 3.5mm.  And this cute santa ornament kit.  Pointed out a few things for Mum to buy me for my birthday too.

Found this cool shop.

And this lovely, local yarn shop.

Ok well that's enough rambling from me for a few days.  Might try and have a nap now!


Oct 10, 2011

I'm still here!

Never fear folks I'm still here, haven't had the baby yet.  It's been busy here with the house renos nicely underway although we've had a bit of rain but if that can hold off we should get going at a good pace.

the carpenter's apprentices

I had a lovely day today, my friend Frances came for a visit.  We had the greatest catch up, nice lunch, quick bit of shopping and then a bit more chat before she had to head off.  She bought me this gorgeous softie with matching singlet that she bought from a handmade market in Northern NSW.  Yay for more handmade goodness for the bub!

And Yay! for great friends that you can see for the first time in years and take up like it was yesterday!

Oct 1, 2011

english paper piecing V&A quilt - progress

I was looking for a hand work project the other day and remembered that I had this quilt on the go. 

That's the great thing about hand pieced work I think, you can pick it up and put it down as you want to.

Renos started here on Friday so my time is being consumed by lighting fixtures and tradesmen and paint colours currently.  And I swear to you I couldn't be happier!  Even though my backyard resembles a giant mud pit punctuated by some rather sharp steel things sticking out of the ground!

Sep 26, 2011

flower cushion - front and back

I finished off the front of my flower cushion as I was worried that my yarn stash was getting a bit low and I still needed to make the back.

The back is now finished so all I have to do is make a insert and sew it up!

Sep 23, 2011

country jaunt - Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

Mum and I took a lovely little jaunt to the 'country' today.  Toowoomba, which is about an hour and a half from Brisbane, holds an annual carnival of flowers.  For those of you from overseas who follow the news - this is where the 'inland tsunami' devastated - so it was nice to see things returning to some semblance of normalcy.

We looked at some pretty flowers.

 Before we got distracted by a quilt show (which was held as part of the Carnival).

Joye Peck - 'Insanity'

Lyn Crump - 'Serenstar - the Fire Within'

Vicky Draper - 'Christmas Wreath'  - Love this idea - might be an excuse to make some more hexagons! 

Then we got double-distracted by a Tea Pot Extravaganza!  A whole show dedicated to tea pots, tea cups, tea towels and aprons, as well as some kitchenalia thrown in.

How could a girl (and her mum) go wrong? Three of my favourite things in the world - flowers, tea pots and quilts!

Sep 21, 2011

a lovely friend's quilt

My lovely friend Meg was telling me the other day about the beautiful quilt her Mum made for her.  She sent some piccies over yesterday and I just had to share.

Here is the full quilt, I just love the colours, they are so Meg!

And here are a few of my favourite blocks.  The quilt was professionally quilted and I just love the detail you get from having that done.

Sunbonnet Sue I believe - love the quilting

a Dresden Plate - one of my faves

and this pretty, not sure what it's called.
Now my challenge to you, my dear friends, is can you identify the rest of the blocks for me?  I was telling Meg that each block has a name and a special significance but unfortunately that's as far as our history lesson went with my limited knowlege.  (Christine I'm looking directly at you here! :)

Well done Mrs Kiddle !  Beautiful work and it suits your Daughter very well I think.

Sep 17, 2011

my name is Bree and I'm a crochet addict

I think I have a slight problem - itchy fingers so to speak.  No sooner were the photos up yesterday of my blankets but I was searching around for something to make with the leftover wool.  I had already kind of decided to make a cushion for bub's room, to go with the blankets, it was just a matter of deciding on what pattern to use.

I played around with a few techniques this afternoon.  I quite like practicing my crochet and learning new skills.  Then all of a sudden, before I knew it, this had happened.

Not bad for one afternoon's work.  And quite easy to do I think.  Of course you can find the pattern over here at Attic 24 - just about everyone is doing it!


Sep 16, 2011

crochet blanket goodness

I've just finished my second crochet blanket.  I did give you a little look the other day but now that it's fully finished, border on and even the ends all woven in I thought we'd have a little bit more show and tell.

I just adore the ripply border, especially since I didn't use any patterns, I just made it up as I went along.

Here is is out in the sunshine, I think it gives you a much better indication of the vibrancy of the colours. 

And here of course with the 'big sister' rug - the Garden Grannies.

Still haven't finished weaving in the ends on the Garden Grannies - I'll get there eventually.

These are the remains of the original 200g balls I purchased from Bendigo Woollen Mills.  Top row - Lavender, Orange, Citrus.  Middle row - Aquarium, Leaf, Stone.  Bottom row - Cream, Delphinium, Pink.  'Luxury' range 100% wool yarn worked on a 4mm hook.  The Giant Granny blanket is 110cms square and the Garden Grannies is 105cm square.b 


Sep 15, 2011

another one piece suit

Today's project is super-easy and anyone could do it as a little gift for a baby shower or for your own baby (like me).

All you need is a one piece suit and some pretty ribbon.  I picked this ribbon up very cheaply the other day.  I thought it could be used both as a decoration or instead of a tag - just to remind everyone that your piece is 'handmade'.

I tied my ribbon in a bow, put a couple of stitches through the middle of the bow to keep it together and then stitched it directly on to the suit.

Very easy and very cute.  You could even make little ribbon roses.

Sep 14, 2011

doilie embellishment on a one piece suit

I've had a few queries about what I was going to do with my vintage doilies.  Truth be told I didn't have any definate ideas and definately had nothing to show.

Today however an idea came together quite nicely and while Guy was having a nap after a big morning play date I was able to execute my idea.

Take one vintage doilie and one one piece baby suit.  Stitch doilie to front of suit and voila!  A very cute embellishment.  The suit is actually pale green, it's a bit washed out in these photos, and the doilie is a latte colour (just think of that common colour you often see these doilies in!).  I left the very outside edge unattached so it sits up a bit like flower petals.  I did contemplate using applique heat and bond stuff but you would have seen it through all the gaps in the doilie.  So instead I stitched it on by hand.

So there you go - one doilie used up.  Does anyone else have any cute doilie suggestions?

Sep 13, 2011

more op shop goodies

I've been having quite a bit of vintage/ op shop/ thrifting joy lately.  I'm actually not a big visitor of op shops (they make me sneeze!) but there is this very cute little one around the corner from Husband Guy's work and every time I drive past I have the urge to stop.  Unfortunately it's opening hours are minimal - as with most op shops - it's staffed by volunteers for the MS Society.

Today however I was in luck so I promptly pulled over and went in.  The lady took one look at my 6mths pregnant belly and asked if I'd be interested in hand knitted baby goods.  I said yes of course and she produced a beautiful dress, booties and matching bonnet.  

As well as this gorgeous little jacket.  Now by the feel of these garments they are either really new (as in the lady had just cast off!) or they've never been worn.

I also picked up two crochet doilies.

So proud of my op shop finds!  I think I could become addicted to this!
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