Dec 27, 2012

did you know....

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Dec 18, 2012

cranberry and almond (virgin) balls

My husband isn't a huge fan of the traditional Rum Ball.  He was eating a handful
 of cranberries and almonds the other day which gave me inspiration for this twist on the traditional Christmas recipe.  You can see my regular Rum Ball recipe here.

I substituted 2 of the weet bix/ vita brits for 2 handfuls of almonds, just regular almonds, they don't have to be blanched or roasted or anything.  I gave them a blitz until they were in chunks but before they turned into almond powder.

I replaced the dried fruit/ sultanas with dried cranberries.  I also increased the cocoa content slightly from 1 tablespoon to 2.  I also removed the Rum (hence the term 'virgin' balls).  You could leave it in but he doesn't really like it.

The rest of the method and ingredients are the same.  Guy thinks when I make the next batch that I should coat them in grated chocolate instead of coconut!  I tried to convince him otherwise but no dice.

Let me know if you make them and what you think.

I'm off to find my grater......

beautiful birthday cakes

This year to save my sanity and so the little Guy could invite his kindy friends we decided.tonthrow our children a big combined party. We were always going tondo a party for Amelie's 1st birthday so it wasn't a big deal to add Guy into the mix. We had a ladybug theme for Amelie and Iron Man for Guy. With then some more shared accessories and decorations in red. Husband Guy decided on an Iron Man cake for little Guy and I went for a rainbow for Amelie as I thought a ladybug would look too similar to Iron Man.

Judging by the reaction we got from the little Guy I think we did ok. And the rainbow cake was the better tasting.

I had such fun gathering all the party supplies and decorating the deck. Everyone had a great time and they even ventured out into the yard onto the swings and to play with the dogs.

Dec 8, 2012

pretty snowflake garlands

I have absolutely adored creating these garlands with crochet twine snowflakes and now some little stars.  The snowflake and star patterns were both from Attic24 blog .  I lightly sprayed them with spray starch and pinned them, so far they seem to be holding up.

They are not really rigid but are just holding their shape.  However I think humidity will be my enemy in the weeks to come.  Mum says that there is a way to starch crochet with egg whites but I'm yet to find the recipe.

So far with our Christmas decorating we have really focussed on hanging decorations.  We have the crochet garlands, paper chains and the bunting I made a few years ago.  The beauty of these decorations - all up high and baby proof!

Our tree is still looking a tad naked but we're working on it.  Fortunately we have high ceilings so even though we had to put the tree on a table to keep it away from destructo baby, it only just hits the roof.

Dec 2, 2012

fur kid Christmas presents

Our fur kids get presents at Christmas and even have their own stockings. Until this year they have had some very dodgy store bought stockings but when I found this fabric in Spotlight I knew it was time for an update.

I also stumbled upon some very easy recipes for dog treats, this is the one I made yesterday.  The verdict from the pooches was yummy. One of our dogs is allergic to beef protein so we have to be very careful of the food and treats we give them. Most dog foods even if they say chicken on the packet will still contain some beef. You have to read the ingredients carefully.

Dec 1, 2012

personalised Christmas sacks

I started these Christmas sacks last year quite early and just never got them finished. Thankfully my gorgeous friend Amanda is very understanding (and she saw the state of my house)! They have recently moved away but are back for Christmas so I was determined to have them finished. There really wasn't much to do, I'd done all the patchwork and even cutout all the pieces it was just a matter of aassembly.  Now that they are done I'm very pleased with the results. Each one is slightly different with Christmas fabrics chosen especially for each child. Hopefully Santa stumps up with some awesome pressies to fill them with!

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