Jun 30, 2010

quilt as you go - second cushion completed

I finished the second quilt as you go cushion and I'm so pleased with both.

When I look at them I think they look very ..... stylish.  Is that odd?  Very polished.

They are for my mum for her birthday which is tomorrow.  Happy Birthday Mum!  She is still overseas visiting my brother so this will more than likely not spoil the surprise.  And if it does then she'll get a nice surprise seeing it here.

These two cushions are to compliment two cushions I previously made for mum.

Jun 27, 2010

hexagons and a parcel

The postman left me this wonderful parcel on Friday.  The very generous Marietta of Texas was one of my swap partners.  She sent this parcel of fabrics to me, including several with the Blue Bonnet (the flower of Texas).

As well as things that typified her area, such as boats and beach-like things, for the Gulf Coast.

Thank you Marietta - you were more than generous!

And here are a few progress shots of my 'go with the flow' hexagon cushion.

I'm ready to put the final border row of hexagons on.  Looking at those photos now though, I might do the border a different colour.

Jun 24, 2010

quilt as you go - first cushion completed

I've just finished sewing up the first oblong cushion from my quilt as you go blocks.

I was a bit dubious as I was doing it, not about the blocks, but as I had to add a bit of a border because the cushion insert was a bit bigger than the blocks.  

However once I turned it out and sat back to admire, I'm very happy with the result.

I have already added the border to the second one so just need to pop the backing on and it'll be ready too.

Jun 23, 2010

quilt as you go - block 4

I finished my last quilt as you go block the other day.  Am quite happy with the result and have decided to make 2 oblong cushions, instead of one big square one.

Am hoping to have some time today to finish the cushions and have bought the inserts so stay tuned!

Jun 20, 2010


The mail man was very generous on Friday and brought me 3 parcels.

The first is from Viv of Northern Needles as part of the International Fat Quarter Swap.  She sent me this great fabric with Totem Poles on - something I can tell you from my one visit to Canada is very prevalent in their native culture.  Viv also enclosed a sweet note and a postcard of where she lives.  

The second parcel is from Jaclyn of Urban Crunch.  Jaclyn was extremely generous sending 2 fat quarters of Melissa Averinos's Sugar Snap line.  Melissa is from Jaclyn's local area and I have been following her yummygoods blog for a while so was super excited to receive some of her fabrics. 

Jaclyn also sent these sweet pieces of AMH's voile and some Amy Butler.

As well as a beautiful handmade card.

And the last parcel was from Funky Fabrix - they had a kind of sale/auction of scrap packs of fabric on facebook on thursday and I was lucky enough to win one.  It was quite a crazy system, packs were posted and the first person to comment got to buy it.  Minimum cuts of 10 cm,full width with a minimum total of 1 metre of fabric.  All up a good buy but resulted in lots of finger craps by the end from trying to type fast! 

Jun 19, 2010


Jaclyn from Urban Crunch was one of my swap partners in the recent International Fat Quarter Swap and she's co ordinating this brilliant Hex-a-long.  I just love that hexagons are taking over the world, so to speak, at the moment!

Be sure to pop over to Urban Crunch and check out the hexagon flikr group too.

Jun 17, 2010

go with the flow - sewing the flowers together

We discussed various methods for assembling our 9 flowers into the cushion covers.  In the end we opted for attaching them in straight rows with filler hexagons in the middle.  Then also having a border row so that we don't lose half a flower when we put the backing on the cushion.

Where I have joined my flowers I've used a green filler hexagon.  Then in the big gaps and for the border I'm using a sand coloured fabric with little tiny white dots on it.  (From my stash).

And just because I love this photo - here are my other 45 completed flowers!

Jun 16, 2010

my clever aunty

My clever aunty made this gorgeous quilt for her friend's 50th.

I helped her choose the fabrics which are all Japanese cottons and they look gorgeous.  I just love the navy and sand coloured fabrics.

She did say however that the cream with the writing on it was a loose weave and was prone to stretching and fraying.  So was a bummer to work with but it had to be in there for the contrast.

I'm not sure of the dimensions but it wound up being quite a large lap quilt.  It would look gorgeous hanging on the wall too though.  

Edited to add:  you can find the pattern at mapleislandquilts.com and it's the BQ2

Jun 13, 2010

go with the flow - first swap

On Saturday I swapped hexagons with my mother in law and sisters in law for our 9 hexagon flower cushion covers.  We each had completed our 9 flowers and were then able to take 2 from each other and keep 3 of our own.  The hexagons I'm keeping are in the foreground of the above photo.

The whole process was pretty quick and painless, I expect when my mum, aunty, cousin and I sit down to swap our 45 flowers that it will be a bit more hectic.  We then discussed how we are going to join them together and what colours we are going to fill in the gaps with.  I've started piecing mine together and will probably have more pictures to show tomorrow.

Jun 10, 2010

quilt as you go - blocks 2 & 3

Hello everyone!  I've been suffering a bit lately from the "I can't be bothered's", anyone else ever get that?  Oh well I'd better snap out of it and get on with it!

It took me a while to complete my second quilt as you go block, work and child permitting.  But it is finished:

And today I managed to whip up the third block as well.  I think as you do a few and get the hang of how to do it, it gets easier.

I also posted my International Fat Quarter swaps off yesterday (and for my Mum).  Thank you so much to everyone who joined in.  The feedback has been excellent and I can't wait to see what you all receive!

Mum and Dad have left on an overseas jaunt today, mostly to visit my brother in London.  I had just one request of Mum - fabric.  So we'll see what she comes back with!  And I have to sound like a woose here - I'm going to miss them! They are going for six weeks and they claim to only be going to miss Little Guy and their dog. Oh well!

Jun 2, 2010

quilt as you go

I'm really liking this 'quilt as you go' technique!  It is pretty labour intensive but let's face it - you are doing the yucky hard work part at the front end in a non hard work kind of way.  And it's much easier to get these little blocks under your needle than a queen size quilt!

Here is my first block, it's made from Japanese inspired fabrics and I'm going to try and do 4 and join them to make a cushion cover.  It's a little wonky but I like it.  And it's very very easy to do.  You could even make them extra wonky if you wanted to.
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