Dec 28, 2009

'Scoop' Cake

Yesterday we celebrated the 2nd birthday of our Little Guy. Being 2 days after Christmas is a bit of a bummer but all our friends and family made the effort to back up for morning tea and to make the day special for our little man.

He is right into Bob the Builder and Thomas and all those other boy things so husband Guy and I made him a 'Scoop' cake (the digger from Bob the Builder). Although he is a bit young still to ask for particular things, our only wish was that he would recognise Scoop.

And I think we did a pretty amazing job. We actually have a history of making cakes - but they have both been wedding cakes not birthday cakes. Last year I made a number 1 shaped cake for him with the help of my mum but this year Guy decided it was his job. Guy does all the cooking in our household and has worked as a cook so all the party-goers were eagerly anticipating the results.

He baked the cakes from scratch, assembled and mostly iced it, I just added the finishing touches to the icing.

Dec 19, 2009

The Christmas Challenge

Four little glasses cases all in a row. The last of my major sewing for Christmas. I will do some more cushions if I get time though.

Dec 16, 2009

The Christmas Challenge

HO HO HO, here I am still plugging away at Christmas Presents. None of these need to be mailed so I'm doing ok.

First we have a Sunglasses case to go with the Glasses case for my Aunty. Made again from the Par Avion fabric with a cute little vintage button closure. Suitable for even the biggest sunnies (tested on mine which are huge!).

Then we have a little impromptu gift which I decided to make after receiving my VIP parcel from Amitie. A little Aussie Christmas dress for my little friend J. Hopefully it fits, I only had a fat quarter to work with.

Then we have a little shoulder bag for my MIL. Made from a great tutorial by Artsy Crafty Babe. I really like this size of bag (before I had to carry around nappies and wipes and food that is).

And finally for today, part of my Mum's Christmas present. I cushion knitted from some really fun baubly yarn I bought a while back. My aim is to have a few cushions ready by Christmas for Mum and give them to her in a big stack. But we'll see how that pans out!

Have a great crafty time everyone and I'll see you soon. Hopefully I can knock out another 3 or 4 of those glasses or sunnies cases before the weekend!

Dec 13, 2009

Pay it Forward - Gift No. 1

It may have taken me 12 months but I finally finished and mailed my first Pay it Forward gift a couple of weeks ago. The lovely Anya from Hills Creek Quilter has just emailed me to say that she's received it in the mail.

The gift was made up of some coasters made from an Aboriginal inspired print, 2 pieces of fabric featuring Australian native birds and flowers, and a few random pieces of selvedge.

I'm so pleased you liked it Anya.

Just 1 PIF gift to go.

Dec 4, 2009

The Christmas Challenge

I am still plugging away at Christmas presents, although I have bought quite a number too. I'm not stressing about it which is the main thing.

I've finally finished a scarf for my brother who is living in London (where I understand you actually need scarves, not like in Brisbane). So that went off in the mail yesterday with a few other bits and pieces.

I also finished a Thomas wall hanging/ play mat/ quilt for little Mr 1 who is a MASSIVE Thomas fan.

And these super cute and quick butterflies for Miss nearly 2. They will be strung together as a hanging decoration for her room. Tutorial from the long thread who has the most sensational list of tutorials.

Magical Melbourne

Husband Guy and I spent a magical 3 days in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley last weekend. Little Guy stayed at home, it was our first time away for more than 1 night and apart from Nanny and Grandad being exhausted, everything went well.

It was the first time I could really take the new camera out to stretch its legs too. It takes the most amazing photos and there's something really enjoyable about taking photos with an SLR again.

So please indulge me a little while I show off my fave photos.
The beautiful Chateau Yering where we spent Friday night. Most of the photos are from the historic grounds and gardens of the Chateau. The bay window in the photo is the dining room, with a view out over the grounds to the hills. The palm tree is depicted in the icon of the Chateau and is over 100 years old.

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