Mar 31, 2011

my creative space

I was going to take a photo of my empty cutting mat as my creative space today - that's a bit how I feel - uninspired.  I'm having a bit of a craft block.  Nevermind I'm sure my mojo will return soon.

I have some more red on the sticks - for a beanie for the little Guy.  We'll see how that turns out being my first non-scarf garment.

I finished a very long scarf/necklace thingy for my mum from some chunky green yarn on chunky 10mm needles.

This is the source of my craft block at the moment.  I'll get round to it eventually - hopefully before Easter as it is a season-specific project!

And for a dash of colour, one of my orchid flowers fell off as Aunty was delivering it the other day.  You can read the story of the orchids here.  

More creative spaces here.

Mar 29, 2011

a parcel in the mail

I've been waiting for three parcels in the mail, the first of which arrived today.

 Any ideas what this is?

It's my woven labels!

Mar 28, 2011

Monday - snapshots from my day

Another runner in the cute selvedge stakes:

 A little drawstring bag to carry the kindy sheets:

A cushion for my chair:

And a little peek into my studio, my stash cabinet:

I purchased this gorgeous pot from Bison Australia whilst in Melbourne last year.  It currently holds my knitting needles and my rotary cutters.  I think I'll move it up to the top of my cabinet and just keep my growing collection of knitting needles in it.  Hopefully when we're back in Melbourne in June I can pick up something smaller to hold my rotary cutters and markers.

Most pieces that Bison produce have this little fellow on them. (It's the Bison, he's a bit hard to see).

The completed coasters for my friend:

Mar 27, 2011

stash on sunday

Here's a look at a little bit of stash building I've been doing lately.

I snapped up these 6 fat quarters yesterday at the Craft show.  They were in a bin for $3 each or 6 for $15!  The bin was full of older range Amy Butler, Kaffe Fasset and AMH.  I picked these 6 as I thought they went together well as a set.

I couldn't resist this cutie either for $3.50.  Hexagons arranged into granny flowers, right up my alley.

Mum also bought these for me the other day - can you guess who she had in mind when purchasing??

Finally some basic spots purchased from my local Spotlight the other week for 20% off.  They have a great range of these basic spots both in positive and negative.  The grey spot will be the binding on my pinwheel quilt.

Have you picked up any fabric bargains lately? 

Mar 26, 2011

my day - saturday - craft show

My day started at the park with my guys, I was lying on a park bench staring at the sky.  The park is a rocket wonderland and a favourite with the little Guy.  I love the peaceful bush setting even though it's only minutes from our home and the city.

The subject fabric which had to be incorporated into each quilt.

I then moved on to the Craft Expo with Mum & Aunty.  I did a little bit of stash building but the main highlight of the day was the quilts on show from the Queensland Quilters.  The display was made up of small challenge quilts into which members had to incorporate a particular piece of fabric.

This was my favourite due to my love for Van Gogh:

Another Starry, Starry Night by Jenny Waddell

I also liked this one for the mass of hand quilting:

The Blues by Rayma Walker
This was the third place winner:

The Patched Cow by Karen Mersiades


All At Sea by Marilyn Meehan

and First place.

Floral Fantasy by Jan McPike

Congratulations to all the Guild members, the quilts were all beautiful and I might even be heading over to the next meeting!

Mar 24, 2011

my creative space - half square triangles

Half square triangles - I've had them on the brain lately.  In Amy Butler's Love fabrics.

These will wind up as coasters.

more creative peeps here.

Mar 23, 2011

heat wave

Little Guy's request was for a red scarf.
The last two days in Brisbane has been HOT.  Don't get me wrong we are used to the heat here but a month into Autumn and we are sweating.

An extra long thin scarf for me which I can wrap and drape around my neck as a scarf or a necklace.
So guess what I'd spent the last two weeks making - scarves!  I thought after a few cool days and beautiful nights that I was safe to start my knitting.  Apparently not!  It's almost impossible to knit in Brisbane in summer - not only do we have limited use for knitted garments but it's way to hot to have your knitting sitting in your lap.

One thing I was very pleased with last week though was I taught myself to Purl.  I've only ever been a very basic knitter of scarves in Garter stitch but now I can add Purl to my list of skills.  I actually like the way that the knitting curls up when you 'knit one purl one'.

One thing that is loving the hot weather though - the garden!  I'd given it a very savage pruning on one of our cooler days a few weeks ago.  Now after a weekend of rain the lavender is blooming beautifully.  Watched over by my little friend.

Mar 22, 2011

random images from my day

A few random images from my day:

A lovely bright building on the Gold Coast

My quilts and cushions soaking up some rays on the front steps

And my chair, this chair was aquired by my parents around the time I was born.  It was in my room for most of my childhood and eventually moved outside into the garden.  It was a favourite with my Grandmothers as the arms made it easy to get in and out of.  I've since requisitioned it and it now sits on my front porch.

Mar 17, 2011

my creative space - projects

I alternate between having a few projects on the go and focussing on one only.

Currently today I have a little experiment on the sticks, conveniently located on the kitchen table.

I have a little pair of shorts amongst other things on the sewing table.

And my pinwheel quilt, now with second thin border, hanging over the back of the office chair - waiting for a backing.

More creative spaces here.


Mar 15, 2011

pinwheel delight - top finished

I was so happy yesterday to have some time to sit down and work on my pinwheel delight quilt top again.  

Last week Mum & I had a crafty shopping day and I purchased 2 more prints from the Arcadia collection to use in the pieced border.  They were 2 prints I'd used in the main part of the quilt but in darker colourways. 

I thought this darker border would look nice around the lighter middle of the quilt.

I had almost enough to cut the rectangles I required, in the end I was two rectangles short so I made 2 composite blocks and added one to each side for a bit of interest and rather than adding another fabric to the border. 

I am considering adding a thin grey border around the very outside - any thoughts?  I have a grey and white spot for the binding.

Mar 12, 2011

quilting inspiration on the go #4

I'd been trying to think of something to make for Easter.  I had a few little ideas kicking around in my head, then into my letter box popped this local advertising magazine.

Idea cemented!

And how cute is this selvage, cutest every I think!

Mar 11, 2011

Mar 10, 2011

doll quilt swap sneak peek - it's in the mail

Here are a last few sneak peeks at my doll quilt swap for Wendy in Alabama.  It's just about to go in the mail and all will be revealed once Wendy has received.

I love the fabric I found for the binding. It suits Wendy's colour preference as well as fitting in with the theme of the quilt.

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