Oct 31, 2008

the Christmas challenge - pressie #2

Ok, pressie #2 is for a 6 month old boy child - it's a Paddington Bear cloth book. These are available from heaps of places as kits and are so easy to assemble. My little Guy has about 4 of them!

Oct 30, 2008

the Christmas challenge - pressie #1

ok here we go in the 2008 Christmas challenge - pressie #1. Now in the interests of trying to retain some element of surprise I will be keeping the names of the recipients of the pressies a secret.

Pressie #1 is for a girl child of a friend of mine, it's a set of wall hangings. The fabric is new from Kokka (available from Duck Cloth) and the cuuuuuuute button is from Nikki Tervo Designs. Nikki Tervo does awesome handmade buttons from her home in Brissie. I picked this little gem and a couple like it up at the recent Brisbane Quilt Fair. Nikki's website is www.handcraftedbuttons.com

Oct 29, 2008

the Christmas challenge

So my challenge to myself, which is now going to be a public challenge, is to make as many of my Christmas gifts as possible. Men, women and children, no one is exempt from my homemade enthusiasm. But the gifts can't be dodgy, they have to be comparable in awesomness (thanks Barney) to the usually brilliant Christmas gifts I buy in the stores. I have been stockpiling materials and ideas for the last few weeks and I have even started the mammoth task. Husband Guy, whilst at first being sceptical of my challenge, is now helping with ideas and is even offering to contribute!

So those of you who will be receiving gifts from us this year - please be gentle - they are all being made with love :)

Oct 19, 2008

C'est Bon Restaurant

Husband Guy and I went out for dinner last night to one of Brissie's newest restaurants - C'est Bon. http://www.cestbon.com.au/brisbane/index.html

For entree I had tarte tatin √† la tomate … tomato and caramelised onion tarte tatin, topped
w goats cheese lightly drizzled w pesto and Guy had salade de canard confit ... green salad w duck confit, caramelized apples, pine nuts and avocado topped w a light mango and ginger vinaigrette. For mains I had coq au vin… free range chicken marinated in red wine w potatoes, mushrooms and bacon and Guy had carr√© d’agneau… boneless rack of lamb w a ginger and coriander jus, garnished with darphin potatoes and green beans. To drink we had a bottle of 2005 Santenay ‘Champs Claude’ V.V. (Lucien Muzard).

And for dessert we totally lashed out and had the degustation - pear poached in cassis liquer, chocolate mousse, creme brulee, creme caramel and a breton biscuit with rhubarb. This was accompanied by a bottle of 2004 Monbazillac Cuvee du Chateau (Grande Maison). YUMMY YUMMY.

All up a good time was had by all and the baby stayed home with Nanny and Grandad (bonus!).

Oct 18, 2008

the not so easy tote

This tote came close to causing me to throw my sewing machine out the window. The pattern came from a lifestyle magazine and it was supposed to be an easy reversible tote. Not so. I'm concerned that if I couldn't make it work with my pretty good sewing skills I've no idea how a novice would have gone. Oh well I made a few adjustments (the bias binding around the handles) and here is the finished product. Pretty cute, big enough just to chuck your purse and keys in to run up the shops, just don't look at my workmanship.

Oct 12, 2008


Shanks to Jodie from the Haby Goddess who has tagged me. So here goes, 7 things you may not know about me:

1. My favourite colour is Blue.

2. My 2 dogs are named after chefs from the Iron Chef tv show - Hiroyuki Sakai Iron Chef French (Yuki) and Roksaburo Michiba Iron Chef Japanese (Sabo).

3. My favourite movie is Varsity Blues, starring James Van Der Beek from Dawson's Creek.

4. My favourite food is Duck Confit.

5. I worked in a lolly shop for 6 years.

6. I have a degree in Psychology.

7. And...... I love all things French.

Now the really sad part is that I'm not sure I know 7 other blogs so I am tagging Ayumi from Pink Penguin and Kristen from Cheeky Beaks Life and Craft.

Oct 10, 2008

haby treats and an overdue pressie

I've just received my first order from the Haby Goddess (aka Jodie) - these sweet pincusions, pins and some groovy retro buttons. Thanks Jodie they are all just as sweet as they looked on your site www.thehabygoddess.com.au

And before I forget, I need to show you this great wrap skirt I finally finished for my friend Mel's birthday. It's only a month late but I hope you like it Mel.

Oct 9, 2008

I love Amy Butler

I've been a bit of a fan of the Amy Butler fabrics and patterns for a while now but have never been game enough to try one. Well the other day my mum bought me a pattern and I was extremely pleased to find how user friendly, straightforward and luxe the directions and finished product were.

So here it is my first and DEFINATELY not my last Amy Butler bag - the Birdie Sling.

what started it all

So what started all this sewing business back up again for me was my son's need for some summer shorts. And figuring that I'd sewed before I thought I'd start up again.

So here are the completed shorts. Note the Camo ones have cargo pockets (so cute!) and the dino print have a co ordinating camo pocket on the back.

the other guys in my life

I must confess there are 2 other guys in my life - our 2 Golden Retrievers - Yuki and Sabo.

They are both 3 years old. Yuki is possibly the largest Golden Retriever ever - well he's the biggest I've ever seen and my family has so far owned 5 Goldens. Anyway he is blond and athletic (2 things I am definately not) and suffers from eldest child syndrome (he still remembers when he was the one and only and wishes it could be that way again).

Sabo is small, nuggety and a bit obsessive. Sabo has baby dog syndrome with a healthy portion of OCD.

Anyway they are the 2 other guys in my life and will henceforth be referred to as 'the boys'.


introducing......me and my 2 guys

My name is Bree and I must confess I have 2 guys in my life. Well 2 Guy's actually. My husband Guy, 30, and my son Guy, 9 months.

Until recently I was a blog virgin, never read one and certainly never created one. But I'm still on maternity leave and I started to get back into sewing and starting to find all these blogs on the net with people documenting their creativity. And I thought 'why not'.

And as for the 2 Guy's, I know some people think it's really dorky or a bit stuck up to name your child after yourself, but in my husband's family this is a tradition that dates back a long way and he was really passionate about keeping it going (and I didn't want to be the one to wreck a 150 year tradition). So my little one is Guy the 6th and the name really suits him too.

So anyway my blog will be like a lot of the other 'a bit about life, a bit about sewing and craft' blogs but I hope you enjoy it anyway.
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