Dec 28, 2009

'Scoop' Cake

Yesterday we celebrated the 2nd birthday of our Little Guy. Being 2 days after Christmas is a bit of a bummer but all our friends and family made the effort to back up for morning tea and to make the day special for our little man.

He is right into Bob the Builder and Thomas and all those other boy things so husband Guy and I made him a 'Scoop' cake (the digger from Bob the Builder). Although he is a bit young still to ask for particular things, our only wish was that he would recognise Scoop.

And I think we did a pretty amazing job. We actually have a history of making cakes - but they have both been wedding cakes not birthday cakes. Last year I made a number 1 shaped cake for him with the help of my mum but this year Guy decided it was his job. Guy does all the cooking in our household and has worked as a cook so all the party-goers were eagerly anticipating the results.

He baked the cakes from scratch, assembled and mostly iced it, I just added the finishing touches to the icing.

Dec 19, 2009

The Christmas Challenge

Four little glasses cases all in a row. The last of my major sewing for Christmas. I will do some more cushions if I get time though.

Dec 16, 2009

The Christmas Challenge

HO HO HO, here I am still plugging away at Christmas Presents. None of these need to be mailed so I'm doing ok.

First we have a Sunglasses case to go with the Glasses case for my Aunty. Made again from the Par Avion fabric with a cute little vintage button closure. Suitable for even the biggest sunnies (tested on mine which are huge!).

Then we have a little impromptu gift which I decided to make after receiving my VIP parcel from Amitie. A little Aussie Christmas dress for my little friend J. Hopefully it fits, I only had a fat quarter to work with.

Then we have a little shoulder bag for my MIL. Made from a great tutorial by Artsy Crafty Babe. I really like this size of bag (before I had to carry around nappies and wipes and food that is).

And finally for today, part of my Mum's Christmas present. I cushion knitted from some really fun baubly yarn I bought a while back. My aim is to have a few cushions ready by Christmas for Mum and give them to her in a big stack. But we'll see how that pans out!

Have a great crafty time everyone and I'll see you soon. Hopefully I can knock out another 3 or 4 of those glasses or sunnies cases before the weekend!

Dec 13, 2009

Pay it Forward - Gift No. 1

It may have taken me 12 months but I finally finished and mailed my first Pay it Forward gift a couple of weeks ago. The lovely Anya from Hills Creek Quilter has just emailed me to say that she's received it in the mail.

The gift was made up of some coasters made from an Aboriginal inspired print, 2 pieces of fabric featuring Australian native birds and flowers, and a few random pieces of selvedge.

I'm so pleased you liked it Anya.

Just 1 PIF gift to go.

Dec 4, 2009

The Christmas Challenge

I am still plugging away at Christmas presents, although I have bought quite a number too. I'm not stressing about it which is the main thing.

I've finally finished a scarf for my brother who is living in London (where I understand you actually need scarves, not like in Brisbane). So that went off in the mail yesterday with a few other bits and pieces.

I also finished a Thomas wall hanging/ play mat/ quilt for little Mr 1 who is a MASSIVE Thomas fan.

And these super cute and quick butterflies for Miss nearly 2. They will be strung together as a hanging decoration for her room. Tutorial from the long thread who has the most sensational list of tutorials.

Magical Melbourne

Husband Guy and I spent a magical 3 days in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley last weekend. Little Guy stayed at home, it was our first time away for more than 1 night and apart from Nanny and Grandad being exhausted, everything went well.

It was the first time I could really take the new camera out to stretch its legs too. It takes the most amazing photos and there's something really enjoyable about taking photos with an SLR again.

So please indulge me a little while I show off my fave photos.
The beautiful Chateau Yering where we spent Friday night. Most of the photos are from the historic grounds and gardens of the Chateau. The bay window in the photo is the dining room, with a view out over the grounds to the hills. The palm tree is depicted in the icon of the Chateau and is over 100 years old.

Nov 23, 2009

The Christmas Challenge

Another present done - tick!

A cute little apron for Miss 3 who loves cooking. Will team it with some of those bright silicone baking utensils. Looooooove the gorgeous Japanese fabric.

And the design is an original - straight out of my own little head. Ahhhh.

The Sunday Stash

Hello again, I'm a wee bit late but nevermind.

Here is my latest stash - some filigree in dusk and fesitval by Anna Maria Horner.

More stashy here.

Nov 19, 2009

The Christmas Challenge

Well I've officially given in to peer (family) pressure and agreed to make Christmas pressies again. Although I have said I'm not going to completely bust a gut like I did last year.

So first cab off the rank is my dad, who was actually the last cab last year. His present is kind of the same as last year, just different fabric. Last year he received some coasters as just a bit of a gesture but he has used them so much and said how fantastic he thinks they are that he had to get some more! Plus he really loved the golden retriever fabric so the choice was easy.
My favourite part about making coasters? The quilting of them at the end. I like to go a bit wacky with how I quilt them, some turn out looking better than others but hey! And it really really helps when my walking foot 'walks' properly too!

Nov 15, 2009

The Sunday Stash

Good morning everyone! My sunday stash today are 3 fabrics I purchased this week. On my birthday mum and I had a nice lunch then went on the hunt for a patchwork shop I'd heard of but hadn't found yet (in Brisbane this is a rare thing!). We found our way to Thread and Ginger at Victoria Point which is one of the most beautiful stores I've ever been in to. You don't get the full effect from their website but the decoration of the shop is great. And although only quite small, their range of fabrics is quite unique.

The first fabric is a strange one, different bird's eggs with the name of the bird underneath. But the colours are just compelling. The second was a must have of course - Japanese heavy cotton with scenes of Paris. And the third is old style newspaper with all the ads about sewing and notions.

A little quirky collection!

More stashers here.
Have a lovely day!

Nov 14, 2009

Glasses Case and Passport Holder

My lovely Aunty mentioned the other day that she wanted a soft glasses cover. She is travelling a lot at the moment and felt that the soft covers were better. So I volunteered to whip one up for her - even though she is more than able to do it herself!

I knew I'd seen some great covers over at Sew Mama Sew - especially during their scrap buster month. I really liked the shape of the case made by Liesl and although I'm right into paper piecing - I wanted more of a quilted look. So thank you Liesl for the pattern, and here is my version of your glasses case.

I love it when you think of a project and know you have exactly the right fabric in your stash for it. Which was the case with the glasses case. Paula Prass Flights of Fancy with the Eiffel Tower is perfect for my aunty who has recently been to France and is going back in a few weeks.

After the glasses case I was inspired, particularily when I saw my other piece of Paula Prass fabric. A passport cover! Of course - just the thing for a traveller. All I did was sew 2 rectangles together, turn, and then fold over a little sleeve to slip the cover into, topstich in place - et voila! A neat little cover in a seriously appropriate fabric!

And as I was logging in to make this post I noticed something - this is my 100th post! Surely I must do a giveaway soon?........ :)

Nov 12, 2009


And this happened yesterday too...


I mentioned the other day that I had a little something coming from this great lighting shop. Well it arrived the other day so here is my big 'ta dah'.

It's a fantastic, bright little light, doesn't take up much space on my desk and is just perfect for when the ceiling light just won't cut it.
And I love the groovy industrial look too!

Nov 8, 2009

The Sunday Stash

Today's sunday stash is Blue for Boys.

Good boy fabric can be hard to find, as are good patterns and gifts. But I think I do ok when it comes to finding fun and funky boy things. And they aren't all necessarily blue - although I do like blue.
More stashy stashy here.

Nov 5, 2009

Puppy Love Tote

When Mum and I saw this Golden Retriever material at the craft fair the other week we knew it had to be ours. I was not sure what we were going to do with it but the images of the dogs were so clear and life like that we snapped it up straight away. My family have had 5 Goldens over the years including my 2 and Mum and Dad's current one.

So with some co ordinating Robert Kauffman fabric I created the Puppy Love tote.
So there you go Mum, another new shopping bag for you!

Nov 2, 2009


I've just found a website with the most fantastic collection of lighting.

I love lamps, my girlfriend has all these awesome floor lamps in her house and I always think that I'd like some just like that! But with a small child - I fear for the lamp's safety!

Anyway I have a little lamp heading my way, for my own corner of the world (my sewing table).

I will let you all have a look when it gets here. But meanwhile have a bit of a drool over the fantastic lighting here.

Nov 1, 2009

The Sunday Stash

This week's sunday stash:

Some ultra thick Japanese cottons with which I'm going to make a bean bag/ cushion for little Guy.

And some Spellbound by Patricia Bravo - as yet undecided about destination.

More stashers at Tam's.

Oct 31, 2009

Wonderland Quilt

The other day I posted a peek at the blocks I created for my Wonderland Quilt. Well on Thursday I sewed the blocks into columns and today I sewed the columns together to finish the quilt top.

Words can't describe how proud I am of this quilt. Ok the seams don't all match up but this is by far the biggest quilt I've created to date.

I just love the colours and patterns. And the different styles of blocks I made.
You can see the quilt above artistically draped over my red couch which it is destined to adorn. I've made one cushion top and am deciding if I'll use my small remaining amount of fabric to make another cushion or use it as an accent for the quilt backing.

Oct 28, 2009

Whip it Wednesday

Another busy week of sewing, working and baby wrangling. But I'm still getting through and generating new WiP.

I have finally made a cushion cover from the Wonderland fabric:

And surprise surprise I have pieced blocks to make my Wonderland quilt!!! 35 blocks sewn up on Sunday while little Guy was sleeping. They are fairly basic but the fabric does more than enough talking.

I love the way the colours combine together.

And I made some stack and slash blocks just to be a bit fancy!

And I've started thinking about Christmas - specifically decorations.

And this is part of my haul from the Quilt show last weekend. More WiP in waiting!

World's Biggest Hexagon Quilt Challenge

On Saturday my Mum, Aunty and I went to the Quilt Fair in Brisbane. I was really surprised how many stalls and people were there, many more than last time. We had a lovely afternoon browsing and picking up some goodies. But I think my favourite part was the display quilts. There was a group of ladies there who are attempting to make the World's Biggest Hexagon Quilt. Their aim was to make the quilt about 15 metres long, so far they have 40 metres! Anyone can help, you just need to piece 1 inch hexagons into rosettes - the middle hexagon must be in a green material, then the six around the outside can be any colour of your choosing. Every entry goes in the draw to win a $250 fabric bundle.

And the really lovely part of this is once the quilt has been finished and exhibited it will be cut up into smaller quilts and donated to patients in Nursing Homes and Aged Care facilities.

Your completed rosettes must be received by the organisers no later than 1st December, 2009. The quilt is then going to be quilted and bound and will be on display at The Australia School of Applique on 14-16 May 2010 as part of a Retrospective Quilt Show displaying new and antique quilts. There will also be a judge from the Guiness book of World Records coming.

Pop over to their blog for the address details.

Oct 25, 2009

The Sunday Stash

It's great to see Tamara back on board and the Sunday Stash alive and kicking.

I thought I'd share a few bits and pieces today, m
y stash is becoming a little out of control!

First off a piece my Aunty recently bought me back from Liberty in London.

And a piece I picked up at the craft show yesterday, I just love the shiny spots.

And a couple of pieces from Paula Prass Flights of Fancy.Head on over to 1/4 of an Inch for more stashy goodness.

Oct 19, 2009

Another day, another cushion

I'm beginning to realise that there are a few things that I really enjoy sewing: bags, cushions, coasters....

Here is another cushion I made for my Mum, to match the one I made the other week. I quite like this one.

And I have finished the first of my Pay It Forward gifts - for Anya from Hillscreek Quilter. It will be winging its' way to the USA this week and I'll let the rest of you have a looky once I know Anya has received it.

Oct 11, 2009

Things I love

Here are few things that have brightened up my day today:

Sunflowers - have I ever mentioned they are my all time favourite flower? Now that they are in season I'm determined to always have some in my vase.

Fresh herbs, Basil and Watercress here.

Sitting in repurposed milk containers, in a little water to keep them fresh.

This cushion I made for my mum finally from fabric I bought on holidays with the family in March. (Another tick for the list)
She loves green and white.

Coasters I started as a house warming pressie for Mel and her hubby back in December. She loves red.

And I love my man, who today completed his first major bicycle ride - the Wilson HTM Brisbane to the Gold Coast - 100 kms. That was after riding the 12kms from our house to the starting line. In a time 35 mins better than he hoped for - even after having a crash and skinning his elbow, knee and putting a mass of bruises up one side of his body! All money raised from this ride goes to charity and this year they had over 10,000 competitors! Congratulations to all!
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