Oct 24, 2011

random happenings

First question of the day - why when we are expecting children do we feel compelled to undertake major renovation of our dwellings?  Or is it just dumb luck that these things seem to collide?  We've been planning this renovation of our home for 2 years - since we purchased the property.  How is it that now, 7 weeks before B-day (baby day), here I am counting the minutes until the kitchen can be measured and then made, wardrobes installed, carpet laid, laundry finished -etc etc etc.  We are currently kitchen-less, laundry-less, the toilet is still operational but I'm not holding my breath to see how long that will last.  We have a bathroom and our bedroom and little Guy's bedroom are the only rooms really that will undergo no renovation - but they are currently also stacked full of boxes of stuff from the rest of the house!  Anyway, I am actually much calmer about the whole situation than I (and Hubby Guy) thought I would be.  Here is a sample of the destruction/construction.

Aunty came back from Europe the other day and brought me these cute stitch markers from Loop - a yarn shop popular with Mollie Makes.

Then Mum, Aunty and I went to the Quilt & Craft show on Saturday.  It was really heartening to see that the show has actually grown in size and popluarity.  Although my stamina unfortunatly did not keep pace - I was wrecked by the end and didn't even take any photos of all the amazing quilts on show.  Picked up some cute, tiny crochet hooks - 2.5, 3 & 3.5mm.  And this cute santa ornament kit.  Pointed out a few things for Mum to buy me for my birthday too.

Found this cool shop.

And this lovely, local yarn shop.

Ok well that's enough rambling from me for a few days.  Might try and have a nap now!


Oct 10, 2011

I'm still here!

Never fear folks I'm still here, haven't had the baby yet.  It's been busy here with the house renos nicely underway although we've had a bit of rain but if that can hold off we should get going at a good pace.

the carpenter's apprentices

I had a lovely day today, my friend Frances came for a visit.  We had the greatest catch up, nice lunch, quick bit of shopping and then a bit more chat before she had to head off.  She bought me this gorgeous softie with matching singlet that she bought from a handmade market in Northern NSW.  Yay for more handmade goodness for the bub!

And Yay! for great friends that you can see for the first time in years and take up like it was yesterday!

Oct 1, 2011

english paper piecing V&A quilt - progress

I was looking for a hand work project the other day and remembered that I had this quilt on the go. 

That's the great thing about hand pieced work I think, you can pick it up and put it down as you want to.

Renos started here on Friday so my time is being consumed by lighting fixtures and tradesmen and paint colours currently.  And I swear to you I couldn't be happier!  Even though my backyard resembles a giant mud pit punctuated by some rather sharp steel things sticking out of the ground!
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