Aug 2, 2010

Craft Swap, Craft Swap, step right up!!!

Yes, a craft swap,  an international craft swap to be precise. The lovely Jenn from paper & clouds and I are hosting an international Craft Swap.

Here’s how it works. You’re crafty -  you make something crafty. If you work with paper - make something with paper, if you sew - sew something, if you make jewellery - make jewellery. Then send it off to your swap partner and you will receive a crafty item from them in return. It’s that simple!

For this swap we’re asking you to make a crafty item that can be made within a day. Don’t go overboard, but make something that you’d like to receive. For example, if you sew, you could put together a simple bag. If you work with paper, a simple photo album or set of cards. If you make jewelry, maybe it’s a fabulous necklace or pair of earrings.

A couple rules… you must be willing to ship internationally… your item must be handmade… you must sign up by August 8… you must ship your item by August 31. I think that’s it. Easy, right?

To join the swap, leave a comment below and answer these questions:
1. Your favorite colour(s)
2. Your favorite food(s)
3. A craft(s) you haven’t tried, but really, really, really want to try.
Please also include your email and blog, if you have one. We’ll email you with your swap partner info after the 8th.

So… sign up! Spread the word and have fun!


The Nappy Spot said...

Count me in please! :)
1. Red, blue (NOT olive green!)
2. Red Thai curry, waffles, raspberries, peaches...
3. Glass-blowing!
Thanks! Amber

Anonymous said...

I signed up on Paper & Clouds...thanks to you and Jenn for organizing this!


Frances said...

Ok count me in too

1. Blue, purple and red
2. Seafood, chocolate and frozen cosmopolitians
3. I am with Amber, glass blowing or tatting!! I have tried making glass beads and that was fun.

You will be proud I have created http://FJMK-The Other

Thanks for organising, you are a star


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