Aug 15, 2010

I'm making a list

And I probably will check it at least twice.  I have decided I need a new 'to do' list, because I keep forgetting and remembering and forgetting all the projects I have lined up.  And I like to be systematic about these things!

1.  Gift for best friend's birthday - have the fabric and the idea - just need to execute. (for September)
2.  Gift for MIL's birthday - have some fabric and the idea. (for November)
3.  Quilt for my brother - have the fabric, need to solidify the pattern idea.  (for Christmas)
4.  Make cushions for market stall - have most of the fabric, need inserts. (for September)
5.  Finish the hungry caterpillar quilt.
6.  Assemble the backing and batting for my large hexagon quilt and get it off to the machine quilter.
7.  Make runner/ small quilt for my bed - have the fabric, need to confirm pattern.  
8.  Make sketching sets/ drawing folios for all the little people in my life (4 or 5 of them) (for Christmas)

I think that's enough for today.  I'm feeling a bit worn out after all that!  And I'll probably remember a few more things I had in mind soon too.

I have tried to lead by example and have made my gift for the International Craft Swap.  Hope she likes it!

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