Sep 12, 2009

Everything Tote

I've had a busy week of sewing. Whipped up this Everything Tote from Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing book. It is really easy although in my defence the instructions for attaching the handles were a little unclear. Hence the fact I put them on the wrong way! So I need to unpick and resew. I like to wear shoulder bags and was a little disappointed that this was more of a carry/ over the arm bag, until I realised it was my error! And the bag is massive - really a bag to carry everything in. Will definately make more but will scale down the size. Would be a good beach bag though, could easily fit a towel and clothes and lunch etc in.

And the fabric! One of my faves. Purchased a while back from Amber at Fresh Fabric Australia and I was savouring it, occasionally taking it out to pet. But now it's all gone and there is no more to be had for love or money!


Purple Paisley Patch said...

Great bag, and that fabric is delicious, you've put it to good use and now you can take it out in public for the world to admire!
I've been thinking about buying the Heather Ross weekend sewing book, how do you rate it?

Unknown said...

It's not a bad book. I purchased it, the Anna Maria Horner "Seams to Me" and the Amy Butler "In Stitches". I think the Amy Butler is the best one probably, but they all have a good range of projects. And Seams to Me is full of great advice too.

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