Sep 3, 2009

First ever quilt nearly finished

Guilt is a marvelous thing! I feel so guilty about this quilt that I made it my priority to finish it ASAP. My little friend turned 1 in February and this was intended for her birthday, so I'm only 7 months late.

Anyway it's nearly finished, all I had to do was bind it. Which I'd never done before as it was my first ever quilt to reach completion stage.

I found the instructions in Anna Maria Horner's 'Seams to Me' very helpful and I think Heather Bailey has some on her blog too. Not only does Heather Bailey design beautiful fabric but she is beautiful in real life too - some people have all the luck!

Anyway here is a sneaky peak at the quilt with the binding pinned on. My mitred corners aren't too bad.

This is the back side of the quilt, I will reveal all once finished. You can see the front in a post from a while back about Stack & Slash quilts.


The Nappy Spot said...

Ooo you've re-inspired me to have a go at making a quilt sometime soon! The Oh Fransson blog has a 'quilt-along' tutorial that looks excellent too ( I've been meaning to try it for ages!
Can't wait to see your finished quilt - it looks lovely!

Jilly said...

Love that backing fabric! For your first time binding a quilt, I'd say it turned out just fine. And fortunately one year olds are always up for presents.

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