May 13, 2012

sew sew busy

Well it feels like an age since I've been able to blog properly.  Husband Guy was away in NYC for over a week so things were a bit crazy here with the kiddies.  Plus I was madly getting ready for a market stall at little Guy's Kindy.  They had a fundraising shopping night and I teamed up with my friend Amanda who makes jewellery and we had a little stall.  I had written a post about how I was madly rushing around sewing stuff for the stall but I was so busy I didn't upload it!

Anyway here are a few shots of my stall from the other night.

bountiful bunting

crochet flower & vintage button brooches

And checkout the goodies I got from NYC.  I had told Guy that I wanted some fabric and some craft magazines (and most of all Martha Stewart's magazine).  Unfortunately he couldn't find the Martha but he did come home with a few magazines (that I selected from a picture message he sent me!).  Except I accidentally picked an Aussie magazine!  LOL.

I'd (jokingly) told him that I wanted fabric, so he googled away and found The City Quilter, checked out their wares online and went off and bought me a couple of bundles of fabric!  How very brave is that!?  Clever boy bought a bundle of New York themed prints and a lovely bundle of blue and red fabrics cause he know's they are my fave colours.  He said he thought the ladies in the shop thought he was a bit of an oddity, they didn't gush over him and tell him how lovely he was buying his wife fabric, think he felt a bit hard done by!

In other news my Etsy store will be getting some new stock soon (pictures and uploading pending) and I'll also be participating in Sew Mama Sew's giveaway day/week as well :)

If you haven't already seen it be sure to hop on over to The Contemporary Handmade Alliance and see my guest post.  (Hint there are even photos of me and the kiddies!)  

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The Self-Raising Kitchen said...

Oh that is just so lovely of your husband. And very brave ;-)
Enjoy your magazines!

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