Apr 8, 2009

Oh man what have we done?

Oh man what have we done? We just bought a house! Well another house, now we have to sell the one we've already got! I'm just sitting here, some packing boxes have just arrived from the hire company, and I have noooooooo idea where to start.

Our house looks like organised chaos at the best of times, now I need to pack it up and declutter so that we can get it on the market. Then we have to try and sell it before the new house settles. And then we have to move into the new house, not before we rip up the carpet and polish the floors, put in a new kitchen and refence the yard. That sounds fussy I know but there are some things that are just easier to do when the house is devoid of furniture. And the boys need nice secure fencing.

But the new house is in a great location, almost as good as this house and that's saying something. It has a huge yard (good for dogs and little boys), 4 bedrooms and a nice big lounge room. We currently have only 3 bedrooms and a tiny little lounge which is covered wall to wall in toys.

Oh well I'll just breathe, start filling the garbage bin and go one step at a time.

Any other suggestions??????


Tacha said...

Well congratulations on the house!!!! My Grandpa lives in the Brisbane area too!

I don't know where I would start if I had to pack this house up! But look at it as an opportunity to get rid of all that clutter that you probably have!

Unknown said...

Where does Grandpa live? Are you from Australia originally?

Janellybelly said...

Congratulations on the new home! Shouldn't that be 3 bedrooms and a craft studio! The only advice I have regarding moving house is to pack the craft room last - so you can escape & relax with a bit of stitching for a while.
Love Janelle
(on DH's computer - mine has died)

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

Bree, It's been a while since your post so I am hoping that everything has fallen into place for you with packing and selling your house.

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