Apr 15, 2014

Easter baking and making

Mum and I spent the loveliest day today doing Easter things with my littlies.   

I'd seen on this blog about icing and decorating  arrowroot biscuits.  As they are oval they resemble eggs - whack on some icing and fiddly bits and the kids thought they were Nigella.

Mum and I also decided to make Easter Gingerbread.   I didn't make a single batch of gingerbread last Christmas and I sorely missed it and regretted it afterwards.   So I thought we'd make some for Easter instead. ( Recipe is under the 'my recipes' tab above)

Mum picked up an egg and a bunny shaped cutter and we were away.  I did most of the icing of these and Little Guy added the decorations.

Mum had also picked up a few decorations to make up a bit of an Easter 'tree'.  We did one each and are having a bit of healthy competition ;)

My Easter 'tree'

Mum's Easter 'tree'
I have crocheted a few bits for Easter as well but I'll have to share those another day.

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