May 7, 2014

my lime period

We all know Picasso had a Blue Period.  But it's so funny when I look back through my photos how they often come in colour blocks too.  The other day I noticed all of a sudden I was taking lots of photos of lime green things.  And lime green is by no means one of my usual colours.

May 5, 2014

Kid's art quilt

One of Little Guy's teachers is leaving in a few weeks to have a baby.  I thought a nice gift from the class would be a quilt with art works by the children built in.

I cut squares from plain fabric and had each child draw something of their choosing and write their name using Sharpie markers.

Pop on a few borders and we have a cute and very personal baby quilt/ play mat.  I finished piecing the top today and just need to back, quilt and bind.

I chose low volume border prints to let the art works shine.

The backing is a bit more vibrant.

Hopefully she will like it!