Apr 7, 2014

review - The Crochet Lite hooks

When husband Guy went to the USA for work recently I took the opportunity to stock up on a few things from Joann's.   For those of you who haven't had the pleasure Joann's is like the American equivalent of Spotlight.  

As I scrolled through page after page of crochet hooks and yarn on their website my attention was drawn by these nifty The Crochet Lite hooks with a light in the end.  As they were reasonably priced a popped a couple into my cart.  Thinking if nothing else they would be good for a laugh and to add to my growing collection of hooks.

When I posted a picture of them on instagram I was inundated with questions so I decided to do a bit of a review.  I also looked online to see what other people were saying.  

First of all I find it to be a large handled hook.  It stands to reason given the extra space required for batteries etc.  Yet even though I'm accustomed to holding 20 mm hooks, the balance of the large handle with the smaller hook size threw me.  It's also quite long.

Secondly I am not especially fond of the plastic hook.  Usually I  try to work with wooden or metal hooks as I find they move more smoothly.   I did notice people online referred to them as 'squeeky'.

The third thing I tested was the accuracy of the size of the hook.  A few people had mentioned online that they thought the hooks were sized incorrectly.   For example a 4 mm hook was actually a 4.5mm.  I hooked up a dishcloth with my 4.5mm Crochet Lite and then did the same pattern in a 4.5mm Clover hook and found no difference.   Even when you look at the Crochet Lite it almost does appear bigger bit on very close inspection I think the size is accurate.

Fourth - I like the fact that they have both the size in mm and the size letter written on them.

Lastly - the light.  On a gloomy day I used the light and found it dazzled me a bit.  The light seems to shine around the bottom of the shaft of the hook and directly out of the top of the hook.  I found sometimes as I was hooking the top light would catch me straight in the eyes.  The one at the base however I found illuminated the work as you went, making it useful for darker yarns.  Some reviews had mentioned using the hook in completely dark rooms - such as a movie theatre.  I tried mine in a dark room and found the light just enough to hook by.  I'm pretty sure eye specialists would recommend against this practice but it is achievable.  I also found in this level of light the light in the tip didn't dazzle me as much.

So there you are.  I still think these hooks are more of a novelty item for me (referred to in our house now as the lightsaber hooks) but if you were fond of hooking in the cinema or in other low light places you might find it useful.  

Do you have one? What do you think of it?    


Wendy said...

I have not tried these, but have looked at them...I think they would just collect dust at my house as I would not use them in the right setting...I could see them as a possible road trip hook though if you do a lot of night travel...I know I hook until it gets dusky dark and then have to put it away until I reach light somewhere, so that may be an advantage...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for pointing me to your review, I found it very interesting and had never thought about hooking at the movies! I don't think they are for me as the light does seem quite bright and may just get on my nerves. Have a good week, Andrea x

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